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Article to Reinstate Brennan Hits Town Meeting Warrant

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In a surprise last-minute addition, a group of Hopkinton citizens collected the required 100 signatures to add an article to May’s Special Town Meeting warrant. 

On Monday, May 6, 2024, two meetings will be held; the traditional Annual Town Meeting (ATM), and a Special Town Meeting (STM), which will occur within the ATM. The Select Board elected to call a STM in order to incorporate several articles that were not ready by the time the ATM warrant closed. Two of the articles, for example, involve repairs at Hopkinton’s fire stations.

But when the Select Board opened the Special Town Meeting warrant, it created the opportunity for a group calling themselves the Grassroots Advocacy Group for the Fair Treatment of Sgt. Tim Brennan to submit a petition of their own.

The petition is titled “Appoint Sgt. Timothy J. Brennan” and reads as follows.

To see if the Town will vote to, in accordance with Section 3-1(d) of the Town Charter, direct the Select Board to appoint Timothy J. Brennan of Hopkinton, Massachusetts to the rank of Sergeant in the Hopkinton Police Department. Mr. Brennan shall resume the same or substantially similar duties he performed during his prior employment with the Department. Should the Select Board choose to reappoint Sgt. Brennan, within 48 hours of said reappointment, the Town requests the Select Board to direct the Chief of Police to author and send a letter to the Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) Commission urging the commission to take the necessary actions to re-certify Sgt. Brennan and return him to active duty.

The language of the article appears to be drafted with recognition that, by Town Charter, the Select Board is the sole appointing authority for police officers in Hopkinton, and as such Town Meeting voters cannot make direct appointments. A vote in the affirmative would be largely symbolic, but with two new Select Board members set to be elected on May 20, it would send a clear message to the newcomers and incumbents alike of where the town stands on the matter.

Tim Brennan is a former Hopkinton Police Sergeant that served the town for more than 20 years before being fired by the Select Board on February 8, 2024. Swept up in the scandal that has engulfed the department since former Deputy Chief Jay Porter was indicted on child rape charges, Brennan was terminated at the recommendation of Chief of Police Joseph Bennett after a contentious Loudermill hearing. Subsequently, Chief Bennett has come under intense scrutiny by some members of the Select Board for releasing Porter’s victim’s personal information and a perceived lack of leadership. Bennett continues to be the subject of of multiple complaints from citizens at Public Forums

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But even if the measure to reinstate Brennan passes at Town Meeting, there is no guarantee that the Select Board will choose to act. Last Town Meeting, Hopkinton voters overwhelmingly approved a measure to instruct the Select Board to disband the Upper Charles Trails Committee (UCTC), but over the course of weeks and months, the Board ignored voters, preferring instead to modify the UCTC’s charter. Coincidentally, “Proposed approach to changes to the Charge, membership and work of the Upper Charles Trail Committee – Irfan Nasrullah” is listed as a future agenda item on this week’s Select Board agenda.

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  1. Irfran, Trying to sneak one in before his exit! If nothing else, I can’t help but respect the hustle by a part time board member

  2. Hopkinton has long been an Open Town Meeting form of government. We are not a Select Board form of government. The Select Board is charged with following the general will and directives set forth by Town Meeting. Town Meeting (aka the residents) are in charge. Even in cases such as this, where a successful Article may not be the final decision with respect to the mechanics of enactment, the general will of Town Meeting should be followed.

    Ideally personnel decisions are not the norm for Town Meeting debate. Unfortunately this situation has spun completely out of control and needs to be addressed. Assuming Town Counsel deems the Article in be in order for Town Meeting, I will listen intently to understand the general will of the community and act accordingly if elected to the Select Board in May.

    • “Thinking”
      Should be ”very interesting” on the Towns Counsel Opinion on this Article?

      Inquiring minds may wonder if Town Counsel has received ”any” off line comments from, the Town Manager, or any BOS Members, on this Article? Hopefully ”comprehensive FOIA” requests on this may not be needed?

  3. I’m amazed you people put up with this abuse of power and b.s. in your town.

    Bennet is full himself and something else. If you all don’t see this I don’t know when you’ll see anything. You’re being played and you’re allowing a corrupt select board to avoid responsibility.

    It’s sad you let a good man go, yet support a liar in chief.

    Pathetic really.

    And to promote SVR. That sets a good example!! (Not) Promote the guy nobody likes except the chief. He is an unhealthy choice, physically and behaviorally as he is the chiefs stooge and not that healthy

    How you people ever got this blind I will never know.


    And there is always Porter. The chiefs “best friend”. You should all be ashamed of yourself.

    Be better. Do better.


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