History in Hopkinton, MA

Essay: Frederick Douglass and the Hopkinton Antislavery Society

Hopkinton’s rich history involves pivotal moments in American social reform. The town played a prominent role in 19th-century abolition movements, with notable residents and frequent gatherings at Hayden Rowe Hall. Renowned speakers like Frederick Douglass and Lucy Stone made significant appearances, leaving a lasting impact on the community. Hopkinton's commitment to social progress continues to inspire engagement in current initiatives.

WATCH: Joseph Connects the Historical Dots

Chuck Joseph recently presented "The Story of Hopkinton: 1950 - Present" at Hopkinton High School. The narrative covered the town's historical connections, local businesses, and the influence of a WWII bombardier on its economy. Joseph, assisted by Aubrey Doyle, Jr., interviewed residents and conducted extensive research for the presentation.

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The Mystery of the Jenner Property

In 2023, Hopkinton approved the purchase of a 42-acre lot, the Jenner property, for preservation and trail expansion. But a site survey revealed a discrepancy in the parcel's demarcation on different maps, triggering extensive deed history research by OSPC Chair Ed Harrow. Did a zealous cartographer in the 1980's ignore previous maps and merge one family's property with another, effectively taking it? With no transfer records, and ambiguous parcel descriptions, the town may not be able to complete the purchase of the property, and we are left with several questions about how big the lot truly is and who legally owns it. With the help of friends and local historians, HopNews dives into the complicated story of ownership for the land in question.

Chuck Joseph to Present ‘The Story of Hopkinton: 1950 – Present’

On December 13, Chuck Joseph will present the history of Hopkinton since the 1950s at the Hopkinton Center for the Arts. The lecture follows the town's growth from a small farming community to a thriving suburb, and ends with a Q&A session. Sponsored by the Hopkinton Historical Society and Chamber of Commerce, the event is open to all.

WATCH: Stories from September 11, 2001

Twenty-two years ago today the United States was struck by unspeakable tragedy. It is a moment seared into our collective memory. In the days that followed there were many flags and signs that read "NEVER FORGET", but they seem superfluous now; we could never forget, even if we wanted to. In this video you'll hear stories from that day told by people from Hopkinton, the Metrowest region, and abroad. Nothing would ever be the same, and we will never forget.

Watch: Searching for History in Cedar Swamp

HopNews follows historian and author Eric Wiberg down the Sudbury River and through Cedar Swamp in search of a missing WWII airplane.

Hopkinton Man Participated in Boston Tea Party

John Dickman was a Hopkinton man that joined the activists in their rejection of British taxes, the event that led to the Revolutionary War.

Where do you live?  The Origin of Hopkinton’s Street Names, Part II

HopNews readers delivered with their extensive knowledge of Hopkinton history!

80 years ago, Fighter Planes Collide in Mid-Air, Crash at Fruit Street, Hit by Train

80 years ago, two P-47 Thunderbolt fighters collided over Hopkinton, with one landing in Cedar Swamp and the other on the train tracks near Fruit Street. Unfortunately, the engineer was not able to stop the train in time.

A Time to Remember

On this Memorial Day, Anne Mattina details the rich history of Hopkinton's civil war heroes.

Did the Bear Hill School Succumb to Fire?

Did the Bear Hill Schoolhouse burn down or not? Thanks to some sleuthing by Nancy Cavanaugh-Richards we finally have the answer!

Where do you Live? The Origin of Hopkinton’s Street Names.

Do you know who (or what) your street was named after? Share your knowledge with us for a chance to win a prize!

Bathsheba Spooner: A Revolutionary Murder Conspiracy

What possessed a woman from the elite of eighteenth-century New England society to conspire...

Postcards from the Past

An exceptional collection of postcards featuring Hopkinton and Woodville, Massachusetts, courtesy of Alyssa Gamble.

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Class of 2024 College Commitments

HopNews celebrates the Hopkinton High School Class of 2024's graduation and invites submissions detailing graduates' future endeavors. Send photos, names, schools, and majors to editor@hopnews.com for a frequently updated page. Check back regularly for new updates.

Class of ’24 Wants You to Win Chesney Tickets, Weekend at the Cape

Hopkinton High School's Class of 2024 is hosting an online auction from March 1-11 to fund senior activities, disrupted by their unique freshman year due to COVID-19. On offer are items like Kenny Chesney tickets and a cape house weekend.

Why does Sexual Assault of a Minor not Require Immediate Notification for HPD?

In 2018, Hopkinton Police Lieutenant John Porter established General Order 2018-0004, mandating immediate notification to the Chief or Deputy Chief in cases potentially implicating the department's liability or public interest. This included a list of critical incidents but notably omitted sexual assault of minors. The order required updating with leadership changes, leading to compliance challenges. A violation of this order was highlighted in the Kroll investigation report regarding Sergeant Tim Brennan's failure to report alleged sexual assaults of minors, although sexual assault was not specified in the order, raising concerns about the policy's adequacy.

A Year of Agreement for the Select Board

In 2023, the Hopkinton Select Board met 28 times, voting 227 times with a 97.3% unanimity rate. They had six split decisions on issues such as the high school graduation parade and joining the Regional Emergency Communications Center.
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