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The HopkinToon: Decision Day

Buff Spencer sees echoes of history in the Brennan matter.

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The HopkinToon: Inquire Within

Buff Spencer with a timely toon.

Hopkinton PD Throws Down the Gauntlet

Epic pickleball mayhem is brewing, folks! Hopkinton Police are taking on both Westborough and Grafton PDs, spurred on by nothing but energy drinks and pure grit. Losers will hand over $500 to charity, the Michael Lisnow Respite Center in case of Hopkinton's 'inevitable' victory. Game date: TBD, stay tuned!

The HopkinToon: Dear Santa

Hopkinton made Santa's wish list!

Bins, Bikes, and Bruises: The Chaotic Thursdays of Main Street

Every Thursday, Main Street in Hopkinton becomes an unconventional bicycle obstacle course due to residents leaving garbage bins in the bike lane.

The HopkinToon: Improving Town Meeting

Buff Spencer suggests an improvement for the Town Meeting electronic voting clicker.

The HopkinToon: The Elmwood Question

Buff Spencer with an insightful toon about the issues facing voters this Special Town Meeting.

The HopkinToon: A Taxing Issue

Buff Spencer submits an insightful commentary on the proposed property tax increases anticipated for the new Elmwood school.

The HopkinToon: Hubris

Buff Spencer submits a timely toon.

The HopkinToon: Graduation!

Hopkinton High Class of 2023 is celebrated in this cartoon by Buff Spencer.

The Hopkintoon: Town Meeting

There are so many interesting topics at Town Meeting this May!

The Hopkintoon: Signs of Spring

Buff Spencer is an artist and Board Member at Friends of the Hopkinton Library.

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Class of 2024 College Commitments

HopNews celebrates the Hopkinton High School Class of 2024's graduation and invites submissions detailing graduates' future endeavors. Send photos, names, schools, and majors to editor@hopnews.com for a frequently updated page. Check back regularly for new updates.

Class of ’24 Wants You to Win Chesney Tickets, Weekend at the Cape

Hopkinton High School's Class of 2024 is hosting an online auction from March 1-11 to fund senior activities, disrupted by their unique freshman year due to COVID-19. On offer are items like Kenny Chesney tickets and a cape house weekend.

Why does Sexual Assault of a Minor not Require Immediate Notification for HPD?

In 2018, Hopkinton Police Lieutenant John Porter established General Order 2018-0004, mandating immediate notification to the Chief or Deputy Chief in cases potentially implicating the department's liability or public interest. This included a list of critical incidents but notably omitted sexual assault of minors. The order required updating with leadership changes, leading to compliance challenges. A violation of this order was highlighted in the Kroll investigation report regarding Sergeant Tim Brennan's failure to report alleged sexual assaults of minors, although sexual assault was not specified in the order, raising concerns about the policy's adequacy.

A Year of Agreement for the Select Board

In 2023, the Hopkinton Select Board met 28 times, voting 227 times with a 97.3% unanimity rate. They had six split decisions on issues such as the high school graduation parade and joining the Regional Emergency Communications Center.