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Episode 8 of The HopTake: Total Recall

In this episode, Peter and Jim discuss the petition to recall the Hopkinton Select Board and we receive an update on how many signatures have been collected. Also on the pod, police chief Joe Bennett and his role in Jay Porter's side job, the HDTC does an about-face and cancels their scheduled caucus, and the School Committee is seeking $49 million from taxpayers for the Hopkins Addition. Plus, we dive into the history of the Center School and how it came to be.

Episode 7 of The HopTake: Brennan was fired. Is the Select Board next?

In this episode, Peter and Jim discuss the firing of Tim Brennan and the events surrounding it. The pair also reveals previously undisclosed information about a November 2023 deal that would have brought Brennan back to work, and dig into Hopkinton's new Town Accountant, who was recently fired by the City of Woonsocket. Finally, we take listeners on a trip back in time to Hopkinton's earliest days.

Episode 6 of The HopTake: Outrage at Public Forum

On episode 6 of the HopTake, Peter and Jim break down the withering criticism the Hopkinton Select Board endured on Tuesday night, as frustrated residents took turns lighting up the Board and police chief for their handling of the Tim Brennan matter, and for having released protected information about former Deputy Chief Porter's rape victim. The pair also explore the suspension of Dr. Margo Roman, the local veterinarian who has run afoul of state regulators, and discuss the Select Board's intended correction to the Town Charter and the planned $50 million addition to the Hopkins School. Plus, they share a short story about the time Hopkinton Town Hall was nearly sold at auction.

Episode 5 of The HopTake: Breaking Brennan

On episode 5 of the HopTake, A and Peter recap the absolute madness that was the Select Board's public hearing to consider the termination of Hopkinton Police Sergeant Tim Brennan. We also discuss the friction between the Town Clerk and Select Board over voting rights for green card holders, we explore the local real estate market and its impact on taxpayers, and we share the story of the Hayden Rowe Hall, which once hosted a speech given by the great Frederick Douglass.

Now Playing: Episode 4 of The HopTake

On episode 4 of the HopTake, Pat and Peter discuss the appointment of Hopkinton's new fire chief, the scare Grove Street residents got when two houses were hit by an alleged drunk driver, the ongoing saga with suspended Sergeant Tim Brennan, and a proposed article for Town Meeting allowing Green Card holders to vote. We also dive in to the brief history of the Boston Marathon start line, and how it came to be in Hopkinton.

The QuickTake: Crosspoint and the Colella’s

Crosspoint sues the town, claiming they've not been fairly compensated for the taking of their land as part of the Main Street project. But what's the real story behind this suit? Hear our analysis on the facts, and also learn about the Colella family, who previously owned the land, and gave much back to Hopkinton.

Now Playing: Episode 2 of The HopTake

On episode 2 of the HopTake, we talk School Committee, the ongoing trial of Hillers Pizza owner Peter Sismanis, and the Fruit Street bridge. We also share a brief history of the Pyne's, one of the most influential families in Hopkinton's histo

HopNews Announces Podcast

HopNews has launched a podcast, "The HopTake," designed to keep Hopkinton's community informed with news, opinions, and analysis through an audio-based format. Tailored to cater to evolving news consumption habits, the podcast provides an in-depth look into local stories and emphasizes community participation, featuring interviews with local personalities. It is available across multiple platforms for easy access.