Nature in Hopkinton, MA

Whitehall State Park Fall Clean Up Scheduled

Friends of Whitehall are hosting their annual fall trail cleanup on Saturday, October 21. All are welcome.

Friends of Upton State Forest remind us that it’s time to wear Orange

From the Friends of Upton State Forest: It is time to get your orange on! Why are we sharing this again? It is hunting season and while hunters are required to wear blaze orange, the general public is not. However, we all share the trails...
Under Pressure Power Washing

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Local Bear gives Bird Feeder Two Thumbs-Up

Resident Elizabeth Keo snapped this shot of a juvenile bear having breakfast in the...

Dispatch from Julie: Belted Kingfisher

For readers missing Julie Ford’s amazing pictures, we submit this from Hopkinton’s resident bird...

Dispatch from Julie: Don’t blink!

Within 1/1000 of a second, this Dark-eyed Junco went from perched and sittin' pretty...

Dispatch from Julie: Spring is Wild in Hopkinton

Hopkinton's resident bird expert, Julie Ford, shares pictures of a recent morning in Hopkinton.

Dispatch from Julie: Red-tailed Hawk Dies by Gunshot

A young Red-tailed Hawk died of an apparent gunshot wound.

Hopkinton Garden Club presents “The Garden Tourist’s Hudson River Valley”

Hopkinton Garden Club's Speaker Series Presents “The Garden Tourist’s Hudson River Valley.


Hopkinton State Park on a chilly morning.

Snow Falls on the Common

The Common was beautiful tonight as the first snowflakes of the year fell on...

The beautiful Red-bellied woodpecker

A beautiful Red-bellied Woodpecker!

Ring-billed Gulls on the pond

Noticed these Ring-billed Gulls on a local pond a few days ago….and wondered…why does...

Dispatch from Julie: Layers of Blues

Winter would be very boring without these guys around. We have a mutually beneficial...

Dispatch from Julie: Barred Owl Blends In

I almost didn't notice her, she blended in SO well with the oak! Amazing!...

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Waves of Starts

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