Advice in Hopkinton, MA

Dear Allie: Boo Birds at Town Meeting

Alice offers advice to a resident of Hopkinton who expresses concern over uncivil behavior during the recent special town meeting. The writer notes that certain attendees undermined speakers and created an intimidating atmosphere, causing others to hesitate to voice their opinions.

Dear Allie: Getting the Spark Back

A Hopkinton woman struggles with feelings of complacency in her long-standing marriage and grapples with guilt for wanting a passionate relationship. Guest columnist Alice Sinclair gives her some tough love.

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Dear Allie: Handling a School Bus Bully

Mom Kristin from Hopkinton writes in to ask Allie for advice on helping her daughter deal with a school bus bully.

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Town Pays Fake Invoice. Who’s Minding the Store?

The Town of Hopkinton is undergoing significant staff turnover, with key financial positions vacant. With so much turnover, it prompted the question: What financial controls are in place, and who enforces them?  HopNews tested the town's accounting procedures with a fake invoice and received a real check from the town. The town's financial practices, including a lack of vendor approval processes, poor expense categorization, and an unusually large number of vendors, raise questions about potential misuse of funds. Furthermore, the absence of responses from town officials highlights a lack of accountability.

Hopkinton PD Throws Down the Gauntlet

Epic pickleball mayhem is brewing, folks! Hopkinton Police are taking on both Westborough and Grafton PDs, spurred on by nothing but energy drinks and pure grit. Losers will hand over $500 to charity, the Michael Lisnow Respite Center in case of Hopkinton's 'inevitable' victory. Game date: TBD, stay tuned!

Town Manager Khumalo Resigns

Hopkinton Town Manager Norman Khumalo is reportedly leaving his position for the private sector. Khumalo has served since June 2009, his appointment succeeding the abrupt resignation of former Town Manager Tony Troiano, convicted of manslaughter. Assistant Town Manager Elaine Lazarus will act as temporary town manager.

State Refugee Crisis Reaches Hopkinton’s Neighbors

The refugee crisis in Massachusetts is growing due to a large influx of migrant families, leading to a strain on the state's "right-to-shelter" law that guarantees shelter and necessities to homeless parents with children, pregnant women, and refugees. Currently, over 7,500 families are in emergency shelters, pushing the system to the brink. The state, struggling to provide enough shelter and services, is spending more than $45 million per month to provide housing and assistance. This crisis has even extended to local towns like Hopkinton, where local health departments are coordinating efforts to meet the urgent needs of refugees.