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Hopkinton PD Throws Down the Gauntlet

Epic pickleball mayhem is brewing, folks! Hopkinton Police are taking on both Westborough and Grafton PDs, spurred on by nothing but energy drinks and pure grit. Losers will hand over $500 to charity, the Michael Lisnow Respite Center in case of Hopkinton's 'inevitable' victory. Game date: TBD, stay tuned!

Hopkinton Police Incident Log for November 28, 2023

Several deer strikes and many lost pets making the most of their newfound freedom. In human news, a suspicious guy in all camo (probably trying to blend in?), a couple of scams, and some vehicular mishaps. Finally, a sprinkle of good old identity and credit card theft just to keep the pot stirring. What a rollercoaster!

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Hopkinton Firefighters Honored by Gov. Maura Healey at Massachusetts Firefighter of the Year Awards

Six Hopkinton Firefighters, led by Interim Chief Gary Daugherty, were recognized at the 34th Annual Massachusetts Firefighter of the Year Awards by Gov. Maura Healey and others. They were awarded the Governor's Citation for Meritorious Conduct for their heroic response to a fatal fire in Hopkinton in April. Despite numerous challenges, their training and teamwork potentially saved lives.

Hopkinton Police Incident Log for November 20, 2023

In a rather peculiar week of neighborhood policing, brawling teens turned out to be rather peaceful, invisible teens dominated the complaints, and a mysterious man in camouflage bragged about his trophy buck. There were cars bumping into one another, suspicious photographers turned out to have legitimate day jobs, and mixed reports of missing dogs and curious coyotes. Brown water plagued everyone, and a nameless man wished to stage a peaceful protest. And oh, someone tried taking a joyride in a school mom's parked car!

Hop Cops Arrest Armed and Speeding Motorcyclist

Robert Wills, 28 of Hopkinton, was arrested by the Hopkinton Police following a brief chase. Wills, who had several charges including reckless driving and leaving an accident scene, neglected to stop when instructed, leading to a pursuit of about two miles. He was ultimately captured after fleeing a motorbike crash on foot.

Hopkinton Police Incident Log for November 7, 2023

In the amusing saga of Hopkinton's true crime chronicles, residents lodge complaints about a variety of unusual culprits, from aggressive faux Verizon men to suspicious SUVs, rogue deer causing lakeside distress and sightseeing tours through construction sites. The galaxy of biker road rage and accusations of creepy Facebook pictures also feature, along with the mysterious case of a leash-less dog harassing a kid.

Brennan: Rule Breaker? Yes. Criminal Mastermind? No. 

An analysis of Sgt. Tim Brennan's involvement in the Jay Porter case, and whether he failed to comply with his duties as a sworn officer of the law by not reporting an alleged crime to his superiors. Meanwhile, an anonymous tipster continues to press the case that Brennan is a dirty cop and that Porter has been falsely accused.

Hopkinton Police Incident Log for October 30, 2023

A Northbridge resident took a multifaceted approach to law-breaking, while unexpected photography, a disappearing bearded fellow. and delinquent canines ran amok, spawning annoying incidents for callers. An elusive coyote stirred unease, raccoons played rough with cars, and underage drinking parties unraveled.

Hopkinton Police Incident Log For October 23, 2023

This week in our chaotic neighborhood: hit and runs are aplenty, rogue piles of dirt halting transportation & sneaky individuals approach homes akin to bad ninjas on camera. We've been spooked with friendly "BOOed" notes and surprise candy. Random items uncovered include a bike, medication, and a money jar (no treasure map, sadly). Erratic drivers continue to charm us while cheeky kids takeover lobbies. Last, but not least, we see mysterious swans and stolen packages making Hopkinton a peculiar sitcom episode.

This is Community Policing

The Hopkinton Police Department hosted an event for kids at the Town Common today, bringing in mobile gaming trucks and food from local businesses. The event was well-attended, much to the delight of the department, indicating successful engagement with the community. Select Board member Mary Jo Lafrieniere praised the initiative as beneficial for fostering a connection between the police and the youth.

Police Union Delivers another Scathing Letter to Select Board

VP of Hopkinton Police Arbitration Association (HPAA), Cody Normandin, delivered a letter to the Select Board and Town Manager Norman Khumalo criticizing the board's handling of recent police promotions. The union believes the Select Board lacks understanding of the promotional process and does not adequately trust the Chief of Police's decisions. Normandin detailed the promotional process to clarify misconceptions and responded to criticisms. The letter also questions the board's support for the police department and its hiring processes.

Hopkinton Police Incident Log for October 10, 2023

A woman is confused for a man, a 911 caller battles with a leech, and a blast at the LNG plant sends the Fire Department responding.

Friends of Upton State Forest remind us that it’s time to wear Orange

From the Friends of Upton State Forest: It is time to get your orange on!...

Porter takes aim at Brennan, Alleged Victim’s Records

Former Deputy Chief Jay Porter was in court arguing to seize Sgt. Tim Brennan's phone records, notes from his accuser and her school records.

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The HopkinToon: Inquire Within

Buff Spencer with a timely toon.

Town Pays Fake Invoice. Who’s Minding the Store?

The Town of Hopkinton is undergoing significant staff turnover, with key financial positions vacant. With so much turnover, it prompted the question: What financial controls are in place, and who enforces them?  HopNews tested the town's accounting procedures with a fake invoice and received a real check from the town. The town's financial practices, including a lack of vendor approval processes, poor expense categorization, and an unusually large number of vendors, raise questions about potential misuse of funds. Furthermore, the absence of responses from town officials highlights a lack of accountability.

Hopkinton PD Throws Down the Gauntlet

Epic pickleball mayhem is brewing, folks! Hopkinton Police are taking on both Westborough and Grafton PDs, spurred on by nothing but energy drinks and pure grit. Losers will hand over $500 to charity, the Michael Lisnow Respite Center in case of Hopkinton's 'inevitable' victory. Game date: TBD, stay tuned!

Town Manager Khumalo Resigns

Hopkinton Town Manager Norman Khumalo is reportedly leaving his position for the private sector. Khumalo has served since June 2009, his appointment succeeding the abrupt resignation of former Town Manager Tony Troiano, convicted of manslaughter. Assistant Town Manager Elaine Lazarus will act as temporary town manager.