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Public Safety in Hopkinton, MA

Early Morning Fire at Bill’s Pizzeria Closes Main Street

A fire erupted at Bill's Pizzeria on Main Street, Hopkinton, noticed by a passerby. Quick response from Hopkinton Fire Department, aided by Westborough and Ashland units, brought 17 firefighters to the scene. The blaze, confined within a wall near Town Hall, was swiftly controlled, preventing major damage. The building's structural integrity and a fortunate shift change aided the prompt extinguishing. The pizzeria expects a brief closure for cleanup but should reopen soon. The cause is under investigation.

Country Club Cruiser Nabbed by HPD

An HPD dispatcher, Robert Savolt, effectively identified a suspect, Ian Mahoney, who drove dangerously at Hopkinton Country Club. Using partial plate details and cross-referencing data, he narrowed the suspect to Mahoney. Despite initial resistance, Mahoney was arrested and arraigned after Detective Sergeant Gregg DeBoer built a case with further evidence and witness identification.

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Middlesex DA Arrests Four In Connection with Burglary Ring

The Middlesex DA and State Police arrested four men, implicating them in 43 burglaries targeting homes of Indian or South Asian residents across Hopkinton and 24 other Massachusetts towns from 2018 to 2024. The organized burglary ring, tied to a Providence gang, stole items worth over $4 million. The accused were indicted on 95 counts related to these crimes and operated with sophisticated methods including Wi-Fi jammers and strategic planning based on the victims' ethnic backgrounds.

Video: When it Rains, It Pours. On our Firefighters.

At the upcoming Special Town Meeting on May 7, Hopkinton's Fire Chief, Gary Daugherty, Jr., will request funding for essential repairs at the fire station, including replacing the rusted, 27-year-old HVAC units. This repair is urgent as the current equipment failures cause indoor rain, disrupting operations.

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Select Board Roundup: Norman Says Goodbye

The Hopkinton Select Board bid farewell to Town Manager Norman Khumalo, commended for guiding the town through growth and sound financial management. Public Forum had calls for a Citizen of the Year initiative, debate on police chief's administrative leave, a police union complaint on promotion processes, and Member Mannan recounting racial attacks. Elaine Lazarus was named Interim Town Manager, and after interviews, Sergeant Scott van Raalten was appointed as Lieutenant.

HFD Push-in Ceremony interrupted by Local Call

Hopkinton celebrated the addition of two new fire trucks with a traditional Push-In Ceremony, attended by townspeople, officials, and firefighters. Chief Daugherty highlighted the trucks' significance as symbols of commitment to fire safety, advanced rescue capabilities, and community support. The event was marked by a live dispatch, underscoring the responders' readiness and dedication. Select Board Chair Kramer reflected on the connection between the town's heritage and future, emphasizing the importance of seeing firefighters in action.

Inside HFD’s Training Center

Over twenty Hopkinton firefighters engaged in annual drills at the Auburn training facility, practicing skills like search and rescue. The session also allowed them to use new equipment. While field fires are rare, the training is crucial for maintaining vital skills and provides a safe space to learn from mistakes.

In Heated Meeting, Kramer and Bennett Spar over Chief’s Performance

The Select Board revisited Police Chief Bennett's performance, addressing his accomplishments and challenged hiring initiatives. Bennett faced criticism for unfulfilled leadership roles, notably the prolonged vacancy of the Lieutenant spot. Tensions rose around accusations of Bennett fostering a hostile work environment and retaliation, resulting in a conflict-laden review that questioned the department's leadership effectiveness and transparency.

Highlights from Police Chief Joseph Bennett’s midyear performance review

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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for April 1, 2024

This week in Mayberry, Shane got nabbed for boosting $1,200 worth of loot, and Robson was busted for a boozy joyride. Meanwhile, the town dealt with phantom smells, icy roads, and canine chaos (dogs running amok!). Fraudsters posed as electricians, and potholes claimed another victim's tire – talk about rolling through the week with surprises around every corner!

Why Our Cops Left

In Hopkinton, amidst discussions on leadership and departmental morale, the Select Board appointed Kyle Quinzani as a new police officer. This comes at a time when the Hopkinton Police Department is experiencing notable turnover, having lost 11 officers between 2021 and 2022. The challenges facing the department are multi-faceted, involving both internal issues such as morale, affected by tragedies and limited promotion opportunities, and external pressures like financial constraints linked to historical policies. This situation paints a picture of a department in transition, grappling with both legacy issues and the need for modern solutions to retain and motivate staff. For those interested in the dynamics of local governance, public administration, and community policing, the full story behind Hopkinton's efforts to stabilize its police department offers valuable insights. Log in or subscribe for access to an in-depth exploration of how the town and our leaders are addressed this complex issue.

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Clark and Herr Earn Seats on the Select Board

In the 2024 Town Election, Joe Clark and Brian Herr won seats on the Hopkinton Select Board, securing 34% and 33% of the votes respectively. Precincts showed varying support, with Clark winning in three of the five precincts. Both victors emphasized their dedication to budget management and the successful completion of school projects. The Select Board will choose their Chair and Vice Chair in an upcoming meeting. Votes not yet counted are unlikely to impact the overall election result.

Polls Are Open; Watch Live Election Results

Today is Election Day in Hopkinton with polls open at Hopkinton Middle School until 8:00 PM. Over 800 mail-in ballots have been collected, about 40% of those distributed. Voter assistance is available for those with vision or hearing impairments. Live election results will be broadcast tonight at 8:00 PM on HCAM-TV.

Election Day 2024: What You Need to Know

May 20, 2024 is election day in Hopkinton. Polls are open 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. Here's a crash course on what you need to know to cast your vote.

Choosing the Next Select Board Chair

Hopkinton's upcoming election will significantly impact its Select Board with the voting in of two new members followed by a restructuring to elect a new chairperson and vice-chair. While every member holds equal voting power, the chair bears more responsibilities, including agenda setting with the Town Manager and generally serving as the board's spokesperson. Current Vice Chair Shahidul Mannan seeks the chairmanship, supported largely by party loyalists. Outcomes heavily depend on election results, with different scenarios predicting either Mannan or former chair Bryan Herr could prevail, influenced by the loyalties and previous actions of the board members.
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