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Cholakis: Maspenock Herbicides Use: Dangerous and Ineffective

The Town of Hopkinton’s use of herbicides in North Pond contradicts prior studies and poses health risks to humans and aquatic life. Herbicides may be ineffective long-term due to resistance and ecosystem disruption. Alternatives like Integrated Pest Management and natural solutions are recommended for sustainable lake management. Peter Cholakis highlights the need for improved practices.

Weismantel: Proposed Increase to Water Rates is Premature

Ken Weismantel opposes the proposed 40% water rate increase set for July 2024. He argues that future MWRA connection costs aren't justified this year. He highlights that getting state approval for additional water is a lengthy process, and improvements in water treatment and operations should be prioritized before raising rates.

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Accountability: A Study in Contrast

Timothy Boivin notes the courage of Interim Town Manager Elaine Lazarus, and new Select Board members Joe Clark and Brian Herr.

Memorial Day 2024: Take an Hour out of the Holiday Weekend

Barry Rosenbloom urges the community to attend Memorial Day ceremonies on May 27 to honor fallen soldiers. He highlights the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day, emphasizing the former's somber nature. He references Luke Young’s impactful letter and calls for collective gratitude and reflection over the holiday weekend.

Repost: Memorial Day from a Veteran’s Perspective

Luke Young on the meaning of Memorial Day to a veteran, and why "thank you for your service" is better for Veteran's Day.

LTE: Munroe MIA Again

Ashley Fogg writes to note that since his election in May 2023, School Committee Member Adam Munroe has attended only half of the scheduled meetings, with significant absences at critical town and committee events, including key votes.

Choosing the Next Select Board Chair

Hopkinton's upcoming election will significantly impact its Select Board with the voting in of two new members followed by a restructuring to elect a new chairperson and vice-chair. While every member holds equal voting power, the chair bears more responsibilities, including agenda setting with the Town Manager and generally serving as the board's spokesperson. Current Vice Chair Shahidul Mannan seeks the chairmanship, supported largely by party loyalists. Outcomes heavily depend on election results, with different scenarios predicting either Mannan or former chair Bryan Herr could prevail, influenced by the loyalties and previous actions of the board members.

LTE: Why I Endorse Herr and Clark

Dear Editor, I am pleased to endorse Brian Herr and Joe Clark for the upcoming...

Former Selectman Mosher Endorses Herr, Clark

John Mosher endorses Brian Herr and Joe Clark for the Hopkinton Select Board, highlighting their commitment to community, strong leadership skills, and relevant experience. Herr is praised for his thoughtful deliberation and deep local involvement, while Clark is recognized for his financial expertise and dedication to public service. Mosher stresses that their contributions are essential as Hopkinton faces growth, budget strains, and significant municipal challenges, emphasizing the impact of future decisions on the town's trajectory.

LaGoy: “Please Join me in Supporting Joe Clark and Brian Herr”

Peter LaGoy endorses Joe Clark and Brian Herr for the Select Board in Hopkinton, highlighting their financial acumen and deep roots in the community. Joe embodies a forward-looking approach coupled with valuable historical context, while Brian offers significant financial expertise and a pragmatic character. Their combined capabilities are crucial for steering Hopkinton through future challenges and opportunities. Peter calls for community support for their candidacy on the 20th.

Trendel: Herr brings “Unparalleled Experience, Discipline, and Independent Thinking”

Gary Trendel endorses Brian Herr for Hopkinton Select Board, emphasizing his extensive experience, leadership style prioritizing the town's broad interests, and commitment to principled decision-making. Herr's broad spectrum of skills in managing financial stability and team building, along with a forward-looking vision, make him an essential candidate. Trendel advocates for diverse perspectives on the board, highlighting Herr's ability to enrich discussions and bring balanced, effective solutions. Vote for Brian Herr on May 20.

Chuck Wallace: Vote for Joe Clark

Chuck Wallace, a retired town employee from Hopkinton, endorses Joe Clark for the Select Board, highlighting Joe's familial legacy of public service. Wallace expresses concern over the loss of skilled employees and long-time residents, driven by tough fiscal challenges and rising taxes due to multiple large-scale projects. He trusts Joe's financial expertise to foster employee appreciation and manage tax relief, ensuring fiscal stability for Hopkinton's future.

Collins: Ritterbusch Must Resign Immediately

Don Collins admonishes the Select Board for lack of transparency and responsibility, particularly concerning the mishandling of sensitive information related to Sgt. Tim Brennan. Collins criticizes Amy Ritterbusch’s actions, including reposting an unredacted report that exposed a sexual assault victim’s identity. He expresses disappointment in the Select Board's conduct at a critical hearing and calls for Ritterbusch's resignation due to her role in worsening the victim’s trauma and the town’s financial liability. Collins urges fellow citizens to remain vigilant and proactive against the Board's negligent behavior.

St. Pierre: Vote for Herr and Clark

Sabine St. Pierre endorses Brian Herr and Joe Clark for the Hopkinton Select Board, highlighting their outstanding qualifications.

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