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Letter to the Editor: Keep the Car Parade

Dear Editor, Having just navigated in the HHS Class of 2023 Car Parade and experiencing such pride (Congrats Marisa and all the class of 2023!), I felt obligated to raise my voice in favor of keeping this wonderful event in perpetuity. The sheer...

Letter to the Editor: Memorial Day from a Veteran’s Perspective

Luke Young on the meaning of Memorial Day to a veteran, and why "thank you for your service" is better for Veteran's Day.
Callanan Cronin

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Should Comments be Disabled on HopNews?

Some readers have asked for comments to be disallowed on HopNews. Others have asked for them to disallowed if they're anonymous. What do you think?

Letter to the Editor: Center School Must Be Preserved

Beth and Rick Kelly share the four seasons of the Center School, and urge residents not to allow it to be consumed by development.

Republicans: Hopkinton Can Do Better

Jim Mirabile of the HRTC comments on the rise of personal attacks, shaming and bullying on social media and in person this political season.

How Craigslist killed State and Local Politics

Between 2005 - 2021 abut 2,200 local print newspapers closed. The economics of local journalism simply don’t work anymore.

Ashley Fogg: Be Leery, Friends

Ashley Fogg sends a post-election message to the town of Hopkinton.

Letter to the Editor from Adam Munroe

Greetings all, As the 2023 campaign process drives to a close, I would like to...

Letter to the Editor from Susan Stephenson

I am running for School Committee as a continuation of many years of service...

Letter to the Editor: Kramer endorses Stephenson

Hopkinton Neighbors, I am hoping to see you at the polls Monday May 15 from...

Ashley Fogg: There is No Place for Bullying in Hopkinton

Candidate for School Committee Ashley Fogg pens an open letter to Hopkinton voters in advance of elections on May 15.

Letters of Endorsement: Adam Munroe for School Committee

Readers write in to endorse Adam Munroe for School Committee. Hopkinton voters cast ballots on May 15, 2023.

Letters of Endorsement: Susan Stephenson for School Committee

Readers write in to endorse Susan Stephenson for School Committee. Hopkinton voters cast ballots on May 15, 2023.

Letter to the Editor: Select Board Failed on Trails

Former Select Board member Sally Snyder pens a scathing letter expressing disappointment that the Select Board abdicated responsibility on the Upper Charles Trail.

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The 200 Foundation Announces “Hopkinton Gives Back”

The 200 Foundation is launching a campaign to provide backpacks to local students in need, which will be used for scholarships to Nature's Classroom.

Dispatch from Julie: Belted Kingfisher

For readers missing Julie Ford’s amazing pictures, we submit this from Hopkinton’s resident bird...

Sharon Timlin Run Returns for 20th Consecutive Year

The 20th annual Sharon Timlin Memorial Run will take place in Hopkinton on Saturday, June 17.

Hopkinton Real Estate transactions for June 6, 2023

Spring is seeing a pickup in real estate transactions, with five transactions crossing the $1mm mark and $2.5mm home selling on Whisper Way.
20th Century Homes
Callanan Cronin