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Essay: Town Meeting No Longer Serves Hopkinton

Town Meeting is a vestige from a time long gone, and it is unsustainable for fast growing communities like Hopkinton. In this essay, HopNews discusses the history of town meeting, the problems the format creates, and alternative forms of government.

Letter to the Editor: The Elmwood College Campus

Hopkinton resident Ellen Holmes expresses frustration with the design of the proposed Elmwood school.

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Letter to the Editor: Why is this a Hostile Debate?

Sally Snyder feels the UCTC has been unfairly maligned and that a small number of people will determine the future of trails in Hopkinton.

Letter to the Editor: Dearth of Affordable Housing in Hopkinton

Where are the affordable housing units promised years ago and that the town signed up for and has been receiving credit from the state? 

Letter to the Editor: Positive Campaigning

Kristin Dangelo writes a letter to the editor about positive campaigning, and whether the HDTC lives by their mission statement.

From the Editor: Housing Authority Retaliates Against HopNews

The HHA instructed their lawyers to issue a demand letter to HopNews for an unauthorized recording of their public meeting. And they brought the kids into it.

Pete Fogg: “Silent” Elected Officials Benefited and are Complicit in Smear Campaign

Pete Fogg takes the HDTC and other elected officials to task for their complicity in the smear campaign of his wife, Ashley Fogg.

Letter to the Editor: Keep the Car Parade

Dear Editor, Having just navigated in the HHS Class of 2023 Car Parade and experiencing...

Letter to the Editor: Memorial Day from a Veteran’s Perspective

Luke Young on the meaning of Memorial Day to a veteran, and why "thank you for your service" is better for Veteran's Day.

Should Comments be Disabled on HopNews?

Some readers have asked for comments to be disallowed on HopNews. Others have asked for them to disallowed if they're anonymous. What do you think?

Letter to the Editor: Center School Must Be Preserved

Beth and Rick Kelly share the four seasons of the Center School, and urge residents not to allow it to be consumed by development.

Republicans: Hopkinton Can Do Better

Jim Mirabile of the HRTC comments on the rise of personal attacks, shaming and bullying on social media and in person this political season.

How Craigslist killed State and Local Politics

Between 2005 - 2021 abut 2,200 local print newspapers closed. The economics of local journalism simply don’t work anymore.

Ashley Fogg: Be Leery, Friends

Ashley Fogg sends a post-election message to the town of Hopkinton.

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Girls Varsity Soccer Kicks Competition – and Cancer

The Hopkinton Girls Varsity Soccer team is off to a blistering 7-0 start, leaving...

Widow of Jim Noon responds to Comments, expresses Gratitude for First Responders

Elizabeth Noon pens an open letter to HopNews readers, addressing the circumstances and controversy surrounding her husband’s disappearance and death.

Analysis: Police Union Challenges Select Board on Promotions. Who’s right?

The Hopkinton Police Union asserts that the Select Board is violating the terms of the contract. The Select Board believes that they have jurisdiction over promotions. Read our analysis.

Family Day Cancelled

The Friends of Hopkinton have cancelled Hopkinton Family Day due to predicted poor weather on Saturday.