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Abate reelected to HTA presidency

Rebecca Abate was reelected as the President of the Hopkinton Teachers Association, receiving 169 votes against Michael Franchock's 146. Her initial win in May was contested, leading to a reelection. A subsequent article criticized Abate for favoritism and misconduct. Abate is expected to lead contract negotiations this fall.

Adam Munroe Resigns School Committee

Adam Munroe, a School Committee member, resigned due to health issues after a concerned citizen reported his absence to the police. Munroe faced criticism for missing 47% of meetings, which worried the community and committee chair Nancy Richards-Cavanaugh. His resignation necessitates appointing a new member to complete his term.

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Kayan Wins 2024 HALT Scholarship

The Hopkinton Area Land Trust congratulates James Kayan for winning the $2,000 HALT Scholarship. James will study forestry at the University of Maine. His passion grew during a trip to the Philmont Scout Ranch. James has varied interests, including art and sports. HALT looks forward to his future contributions. Founded in 1995, HALT is dedicated to preserving open space in Hopkinton.

Graduating Seniors pose with their Kindergarten Teacher

During the "Senior Breakfast" at Hopkinton High, retired teacher Lynn Rufo visited her final Kindergarten class, now seniors. She retired in 2011 and returned to see them graduate.

Hop Teachers Union President Abate Under Fire for Allegedly Rigging Election

Rebecca Abate, President of the Hopkinton Teachers Association, faces criticism and accusations of election tampering and unfair negotiations. Invalidated election results have led to a renewed push for her rival, Michael Franchock. Abate’s controversial style and public disputes have fueled tension among teachers and parents, impacting school community dynamics.

LTE: Munroe MIA Again

Ashley Fogg writes to note that since his election in May 2023, School Committee Member Adam Munroe has attended only half of the scheduled meetings, with significant absences at critical town and committee events, including key votes.

Class of 2024 College Commitments, Part 2

HopNews celebrates the Hopkinton High School Class of 2024's graduation and invites submissions detailing graduates' future endeavors. Send photos, names, schools, and majors to editor@hopnews.com for a frequently updated page. Check back regularly for new updates.

Munroe Absent from School Committee Meetings, Delays Votes

The Hopkinton School Committee postponed voting on the Elmwood replacement school's name until member Adam Munroe could attend. Munroe, who has missed half the meetings since his May 2023 election, was delayed at work. The committee has the power to declare a member’s seat vacant for excessive absences, but it's unlikely to unseat Munroe despite his frequent absences hindering progress.

UPDATED: Class of 2024 College Commitments

HopNews celebrates the Hopkinton High School Class of 2024's graduation and invites submissions detailing graduates' future endeavors. Send photos, names, schools, and majors to editor@hopnews.com for a frequently updated page. Check back regularly for new updates.

The Hopkinton Edge: Decoding College Admissions Success

College decision time brings anxiety and anticipation for high school seniors, as seen with Hopkinton High School's students. Analysis of Naviance data and US News rankings shows Hopkinton students have an admissions advantage at several colleges, particularly Connecticut College and Clark University. Regional preferences and top college applications were highlighted, alongside the stark reality of also facing deferrals and denials. The Common App's role in college loyalty and trends in geographic college choices, such as the attraction to the South Atlantic region, were also discussed.

Class of ’24 Wants You to Win Chesney Tickets, Weekend at the Cape

Hopkinton High School's Class of 2024 is hosting an online auction from March 1-11 to fund senior activities, disrupted by their unique freshman year due to COVID-19. On offer are items like Kenny Chesney tickets and a cape house weekend.

COVID Baby Bust? Not in Hopkinton.

In the U.S., the COVID-19 pandemic accelerated a decreasing birth rate trend, a phenomenon reflected in Massachusetts with varying impacts. Hopkinton, however, experienced a significant birth rate increase, challenging demographer Arthur Wagman's enrollment projections for local schools. The Wagman report underestimated Hopkinton's birth and school enrollment rates, impacting school capacity planning and necessitating expansions, including a $49 million project for Hopkins School to address overcapacity and infrastructural needs.

Hillers Hurdlers Sweep TVL’s

At the TVL Showcase, the Hopkinton Hillers Boys' team clinched first with 74 points, while the Girls' team took second with 69 points, led by standout performers in the hurdles and sprints. Drew Bialobrzeski shined with an 8.07s 55m hurdle, and Loryn Canty won the 55m dash in 7.28s, edging out Norton's Strynar by a hair. The strong finish signals high hopes for the Spring session and State competitions.

Letter to SB: Postpone Hopkins Addition

Kristen Turner of Hopkinton requested that the Select Board postpone the Hopkins School Addition, criticizing the lack of transparency, failure to pursue MSBA funding, and disputed enrollment projections. She contends the School Committee misinformed residents about funding eligibility and stressed the addition's $50 million cost. Turner recommends deferring the project to align with other school timelines and verify enrollment trends, highlighting the tax burden on homeowners.

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