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In a 4-1 vote, the Hopkinton Select Board terminated Sergeant Timothy Brennan from the Hopkinton Police Department. The meeting lasted more three hours, but ended with both sides in disagreement. Select Board Chair Muriel Kramer was the lone vote in favor of reinstatement.

Finally at liberty to speak, Brennan addressed a small crowd from the steps of Town Hall. “I plan on fighting it in arbitration,” said Brennan. “I was not willing to accept the long suspension and demotion.”

“You shouldn’t have to,” said a woman in the crowd, as they applauded him.

The crowd slowly dispersed, and several residents could be seen with tears in their eyes.

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  1. Tonight, the Select Board of the Town of Hopkinton voted 4-1 to terminate Sgt. Tim Brennan for a POLICY VIOLATION.

    Meanwhile, the police chief of the Town of Hopkinton, who maliciously outed the child rape survivor who confided in Sgt. Brennan about the chief’s buddy, the deputy chief, raping her at the age of 14, that chief is still employed.
    The police chief violated Massachusetts General Law, LITERALLY committed a crime, and he is somehow still the top law enforcement officer in this sorry-ass Town.

    Somebody explain this to me like I’m a three-year-old. Because as an adult this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

    Why any victim of any crime, not just rape, would ever trust the police department in this town is beyond me.

    • Reply as Chris.

      I’m sure Tim and his family want to move on from this nightmare. Yet, they have a legitimate case of defamation of character. Amongst other charges. If you know Tim and his family. Please encourage him to seek counsel who can file charges against the Select Board and the Chief. This will play out for 2 years or so. Yet in then end the Chief will be gone, Board too, and his family will be paid for the BS he’s been put through.

    • Me: Explain to me why a police officer should be fired for not reporting crimes to me like I am a three-year-old.

      ChatGPT: Imagine you have a friend whose job is to keep everyone safe, a bit like a superhero. Now, let’s say this friend sees someone doing something really naughty or wrong, like taking someone else’s toys without asking. Well, it’s their job to tell someone about it, like a teacher or a grown-up, so they can make things right.

      If your friend sees the naughty thing happening but doesn’t tell anyone, it’s not good. It’s like not being a good superhero. Superheroes are supposed to help and keep everything fair, right?

      So, if your friend doesn’t do their superhero job and tell someone when something wrong is happening, they might not be a good superhero anymore. They might need to find a new job, and someone else, like a really good superhero, will come and make sure everything is safe and fair for everyone.


      Putting aside the ethical and moral discussion of the report, this is why Tim Brennan should be fired for not reporting a crime as explained by ChatGPT to a three-year-old.

      • Dear A.S. – You write very well for a three year old, but relying on ChatGPT as an argument for settling a complex issue seems to be the perfect intellectual level for your comment. Who are you, by the way? A.S.? Does that mean “Anonymous Source”? Is this the level of our intellectual discourse these days? ChatGPT settling complex issues? Are you serious?

      • Ethically he did the right thing. The victims refused to be part of the reporting process. The Chief, who is friends with the perpetrator, was not a person to be trusted. BRENNAN FOLLOWED HIS MORAL COMPASS. Bennet has not. He committed a felony all to discredit Brenna and the victim, your ChatGPT does not factor in the politics and biases of association. If the victim was at risk, then the math changes. What a ridiculous post

      • Really? ChatGPT? That’s what you had to resort to, A.S., to address my request?
        Wow. You have absolutely no credibility left.

    • “Thinking” & “Thinking Caps”

      ”Time for the Selectmen/Town Manger to put their “Thinking Caps” On!”

      The Sargent was in a Catch-22 Situation? If he reported the ”Un- Collaborated Allegation” he would be in ‘Trouble’,
      plus his direct Chain Of Command was conjecturally compromised as being directly involved in the Allegation.

      If he went outside the Department if he did not receive ‘Whistleblower Protection’ he would be in Trouble.
      For not following his Chain Of Command?

      Are the Rules and Regulations of the Police Department Constitutional?
      Were they approved by our Town Counsel?

      The Board of Selectmen, Town Manager, need to look at the ”Totality” of the ‘Officers work history’ and let that be their guide.
      If the Board of Selectmen and Town Manger do not make the just decision in this matter, it could $cost$ the Hopkinton Taxpayers Immensely in these troubling Economic Times. Plus the Towns Municipal Liability Insurance Premiums $$ going sky high on all the Police Departments matters. Plus legions of future Court Settlements?

      If the Department was still under MA Civil Service, their would be an Impartial Civil Service Commission that would fully adjudicate his Termination.
      Will the Arbitrator really be Impartial? May the matter still end up in the Courts $$$$?
      Did his Termination Fully meet the standard of JUST CAUSE? When you adjust your Thinking Caps, the reasonable answer is NO!

  2. I guess it’s pretty apparent that the BOS didn’t hear us. Maybe they were listening but as the gentleman said the other night, they didn’t hear us!!!! They made a horrible gut, wrenching decision for the people of this town and for Timmy Brennan .

  3. This is truly shocking. This town is in crises from the Town Manager who has been silent (while negotiating a sweetheart deal to end his contract) to a Selectboard that can only be described as STUPID and LAWBREAKING (except Muriel) to the corrupt Police Chief. Let’s watch the housing prices start to fall!! Who in their right mind would buy a home here????

  4. Thank you Select Board.

    You did not cave to irrational actors who are stoking inflammatory rhetoric to destabilize Hopkinton.

    Keep going.

      • I am entirely serious.

        I’d like to point to the individuals who are stoking the inflammatory rhetoric around the firing. I don’t think they are all doing this out of love for Tim Brennan. The same people who exploded around the last election and pushed for ‘reform’ are the same ones pushing to remove the Select Board.

        Tim Brennan is probably a good guy. He screwed up and violated a lot of trust by his continued and deliberate actions to not report Porter. We can have an discussion about the ethical and moral duty when a police officer is accused of sexual assault, but as a patrol officer, Tim Brennan violated the code of ethics.

        Tim Brennan is being used as a pawn by the same people who have been trying for a ‘reform’ of Hopkinton for the last few years. They noticed the anger that Ashley Fogg’s defeat generated in the last election cycle and have found this as the next tool.

        This isn’t a conspiracy with the town. I don’t think Hopkinton’s town government is smart and coordinated enough to build the elaborate apparatus some people are claiming.

        • From C.S.
          Thank you. This is another embarrassment for the town. Mr. Brennan is entitled to appeal the decision, which he is. Perhaps that could go through the courts before the town fractures more. With all the positive things going on in town, why is this negativity overshadowing everything else? Also troubling is HR allowing a person terminated for cause in Woonsocket to be touted as a fine addition to Town Hall’s accounting department. What is next?

        • Would be interesting to know where your ethical and moral compass pointed when these “leaders” were elected during the reign of bullying by the chair of the HDTC? You point or Ashley Fogg, yet neglect to also point out the slander from the HDTC she faced. These people have valid concerns, and due to the bumbling actions of our duly elected leaders we are potentially facing costs in the form of lawsuits. Who will be accountable? The taxpayers.

          • I disagreed with Darlene Hayes’s actions. I don’t think that what she did, as a citizen, was acceptable.

            Her actions were her own, not the actions of the Hopkinton Democratic Town Comittee. The actions of one individual are not a reason to assign blame to a larger organization. I have not seen evidence that the HDTC approved of those actions. Rather, they were as appalled by it as everyone else.

            If we look at this solely from a fiscal standpoint, inaction on Tim Brennan would have been the ‘right’ answer. However, that standpoint could be used to justify anything. It would have been cheaper to ignore the PFAS in the water supply and just shrug our shoulders. Solely making decisions on fiscal matters does not always lead to just solutions.

            I do believe that everything could have been handled better. There is a need for reflection and introspection on how everything has been handled. This is not only true for the town government, but on us as citizens as well.

          • You can add on to Lee’s list the state of personnel in this town with the exodus of numerous important positions, HPD openings unfilled, and oh, that little matter of the town paying out a check without verifying approval of the appropriate committee. We need the current BOS or a new BOS to focus on the proper management of the town as their #1 priority. Back to blocking and tackling!

        • So, are you actually thanking the Select Board for making a decision that leaves the town wide open to a wrongful termination lawsuit? Isn’t the Select Board charged with protecting the financial interests of the town? The lack of foresight by the SB here is truly astonishing. All the members of the board should reflect on their decision and keep in mind the words of Ms. Ritterbush – “good people sometimes make serious errors in judgment”.

          • If the alternative leaves Hopkinton unsafe and a culture where ethical rules do not matter, I do think that a potential wrongful termination lawsuit is worth it.

            Tim Brennan had an ethical duty to report Jay Porter’s conduct. He did not do so. He is a good person who made a serious error in judgement. His serious error in judgement can have consequences – one of which is his removal.

            I don’t think Tim Brennan should have been fired, but I do not support him as a member of the Hopkinton Police Department.

            I thank the Select Board for helping to make Hopkinton a place I am proud to live.

        • I think the majority of the people who are clearly outraged by Tim Brennan’s firing have had enough of the current BOS. Tim Brennan is a very visible and engaged police officer who many in this town have come to know and respect. I have not heard many voices of support for the current BOS and Chief Bennitt. You mention Tim Brennan violated a lot of trust. I am not sure who’s trust Tim violated but I can tell you one person’s trust he did not violate, the victim of Jay Porter. I cannot say the same for Chief Bennett or the BOS who publicly disclosed the victim’s name. While they are trying to hang Tim Brennan for policy violations that did not exist at the time, the town, the BOS, the Chief and possible Amy Ritterbusch will surely be facing a law suit from the victim. This could easily cost us, the citizen’s, over a million dollars. The BOS is supposed to work for the citizen’s of this town, not the chief of police. The BOS has heard loud and clear how the citizens feel about Tim Brennan’s firing yet they bent to the chief’s vindictiveness.
          The BOS has cost the citizen’s of this town so much wasted money over the past couple of years.
          The citizens voted at town meeting to disband a Trails Committee that was going nowhere and costing the town a lot of money. The BOS ignored that and voted to keep the committee going. The ridiculous downtown bike path that was approved by the BOS burned up all the money that Legacy Farms donated to the town for trails plus more tax payer money. That money is gone and the downtown bike path may have to be modified for a third time to accommodate emergency vehicles, the cost of which will be picked up by the citizens again. The BOS just approved the hiring of a new Town Accountant that was recently fired from that position in Woonsocket R.I. for spending town money without the city counsels approval. The BOS just approved the promotion of two Hopkinton Policemen to Sergeant. The town can only have so many sergeants which would leave no room for Tim Brennan to have been reassigned to his previous job without one of the newly promoted sergeants being demoted because of Tim Brennan’s seniority. This was done prior to the BOS officially firing Tim last night. Hopkinton will now be faced with Tim Brennan appealing the BOS decision. He will probably win the appeal and may sue the town and win. The citizens will pay for that also. The female victim in this case will almost surely sue the town, the chief and Amy Ritterbusch. This will cost the citizens over a million dollars. That case is a slam dunk for the victim.
          I for one am tired of paying for the BOS’s incompetence and blatant disregard for the will of the citizens of Hopkinton. It is time for them to all go.

    • A.S. The town is already destabilized by a clown show of town government. It does not need any help from citizen’s to destabilize it. The idea that there is some movement afoot to destabilize the town is crazy. All the citizens have to do is sit back, eat popcorn and watch the BOS and others do their work. This Tim Brennan incident appears to be a tipping point where the citizen’s are finally rising up and saying, enough is enough. Sorry to disappoint you but there is no conspiracy going on here.

      • A.S.

        I’m really disappointed that you felt the need to drag my name into this conversation. It’s frustrating that you feel the need to do that. Please keep my name out of your comments.

        Your assertion that you haven’t seen direct evidence is absurd. There is evidence. I have it, other people have it. The HDTC has been told for years before and after the election DH was doing so. They didn’t care. Muriel Kramer was told directly of DHs actions and did nothing.

        The HDTC 1000 percent knew about DH and did was okay with it. No one was surprised it was her except the DTC.

        • Ashley:

          I am not ascribing any intentions to you. The entire debacle around the 2023 School Board election and your candidacy is an inflection point with politics in Hopkinton. It directly led to the needed push to remove local caucusing from the election. This is a fact that has been cited multiple times.

          _You_ are not part of this discussion. Your _candidacy for public office_ is part of the discussion of background of why we are at this inflection point.

          I will continue to use your defeat in the 2023 School Board election in discussions about the origins of the current wave of sentiment with the currently elected officials in Hopkinton.

      • I don’t think there is a conspiracy to destabilize the town. It’s happening pretty publically.

        I do think that the current government could use some reform. Outrage is a tool that can be used to enact reform. For example, I am outraged by the current attacks on migration at the federal level. This outrage can be used to push for different policies.

        The outrage seems to have spurred the push to recall a majority of the Select Board. I support anyone who feels this way. I disagree with it, but it is your civic right to call for a recall. I don’t think that anyone should be silenced for their opinions on the ways we govern in Hopkinton. We are more than this petty political squabbling and everyone should be heard and have an equal say.

        However, the recall does not seem solution-focused. It doesn’t seem to be focused on anything but burning the current Select Board down. If the Select Board leaves, who/what replaces the Select Board? What changes should be made to prevent this from happening again?

        What does the ideal Hopkinton look like after this? Is this the best way to make Hopkinton a place we want to live?

    • Again, A.S, irrational actors? Inflammatory rhetoric? Trying to destabilize the Town?

      Let’s talk irrational actors.

      The Police Chief, the TOP LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER in this town, outed the survivor on the official HPD website, a VIOLATION OF MASSACHUSETTS GENERAL LAW. And he is still actively serving as the Chief of Police, with the abeyance of the Select Board. How is that rational?

      Inflammatory rhetoric? How about when a Select Board member in the Loudermill Hearing tries to cast blame on the parents of the survivor? How about when the police chief says he would have fired Porter if only Tim Brennan had told him, while Bennett is in the process of exposing the identity of the survivor, thus proving that the chief could not be trusted to do the right thing. And when the Chief BREAKS THE LAW, he doesn’t resign in disgrace, but instead tries to build even more power through a town warrant while appointing enough sergeants so Tim Brennan would be the odd man out.

      Town officials stacked the deck from the get-go; from the recital of the prepared statement by one Select Board member who ALSO saw fit to out the survivor that same night, to the faux outrage from other Select Board members that if they had only known…etc.


      As proven by their actions, from the staged kangaroo court of the Loudermill Hearing, to the outing of the survivor, to the filling of sergeants positions, to the Town Warrant to give the Chief more power…

      The only people who have destabilized this town are the four Select Board members who voted to terminate Tim Brennan, the lame duck town manager who has a golden parachute awaiting him with a company who does business with the Town, the police chief who breaks the law, the legal counsel that doesn’t even seem to know what ex post facto means as they tried to set Tim Brennan up for the fall, and the PR firm the town is paying to revictimize the survivor yet again by allowing a press release to go out without the proper due diligence to ensure the personal identifying information about her and her children is redacted.

      Those are the folks who have destabilized Town government, not the people of all political persuasions who have united behind a good man faced with tough choices who had the courage to make the morally correct decisions to help the survivor come forward with her complaints to the Middlesex County District Attorney.

      Even before the executive session on Thursday, it has been obvious throughout this entire process that the Town was not going to negotiate in good faith with Sgt. Brennan. Ever.

      They set it up with these not so carefully orchestrated “conspiracy” steps to give Sgt. Brennan basically the option to only accept a long suspension AND demotion, while knowing all along that being such a principled man, Tim would not accept their “solution.”

      By the way, I did propose a solution — have the Select Board request the Massachusetts National Guard military police unit take over leadership of the police department, specifically the positions of Police Chief and Drputy Chief, until a full, independent, outside investigation into the breaking of Massachusetts General Law by the Police Chief and one Select Board member can be completed.


      Instead, word comes down that the Police Chief, who AGAIN broke the law, is already recommending a new deputy chief from within the department, who the Select Board, given their track record, will rubber stamp.

      And the band plays on. THIS is why so many people are so angry.

  5. I’d really like to hear why they thought they needed to vote for termination after hearing all the reasons they didn’t need to do so.

    This makes so little sense to me.

  6. Is it shocking? The chief is a bully- noted by many in town. The sb lazy at best but surely incompetent. Under the chief’s mini thumb. I am sad, bullshit, horrified that the sb stands down to bully chief. Step down from your positions – you are not qualified or willing to put in the work. How do you all sleep at night? Does Bennett have photos ? Worse? Let’s continue to peel back the layers of what you are all hiding. We won’t stop.

  7. The irrational actors of our town, including the town manager, select board, police chief and counsel, have already destabilized the Town of Hopkinton, which I have lived in for over 35 years. (Let’s add to that the town engineer, who has left our downtown a travesty.)
    And that those irrational actors have not been able to truly hear, understand, and so rework their conclusions, after bearing witness to the obvious (to most) rationality of the arguments and data supporting Sargent Brennan’s actions, is by far the most irrational evidence of all.

  8. The SB has made their decision. They heard the same evidence as everyone else. Do they have different information that has not been made public yet? It is time for a statement to come from them supporting their decision to terminate. The longer they stay silent the more they will let this town rip itself apart.

    • Good point, Mike. Transparency does not seem to be very popular with our town’s decision-makers. For example, if they knew about the new town accountant having been fired for malfeasance, then why not bring this front and center and seek input from others in the town? Also, why don’t we yet have a CFO? Shouldn’t our future CFO have some input into hiring the Town Accountant? Why not hire the CFO first instead of doing everything bass-ackwards? And did the Town consider that perhaps this new town accountant hire might be under investigation in RI for her actions? What if she gets indicted? Then what? It was also interesting how quickly the town’s fubar with the HopNews “fake invoice” was quickly swept under the rug. No apology? No assurance that an audit will be done of all of the thousands of other invoices to ensure that some were not mistakenly paid? Really?

  9. Forget about the emotion ,this good friend, great father, good cop and citizen to be dragged through the mud for what! Revenge, keeping a victim safe, doing the right thing. Think about this citizens of Hopkinton your police chief Joseph Bennet ( non resident) is going to bleed this town dry. Kroll report $30,000 , attorney fees to date $ ? Brennan’s salary while on paid leave $ ? Attorney fees for Brennan’s arbitration $ ? If Brennan wins in arbitration back pay and benefits $? Attorney fees for victims lawsuit $? Victim settlement $? Attorney fees for Brennan’s lawsuit $? Settlement for Brennan’s lawsuit $? And finally labor costs FOIA , clerical work, town employees pay for court $?! I don’t even want to know how much it adds up to $?. To this blue collar redneck thinks chief Bennets is costing the town a lot more than he’s worth. For what!?!?! I save my thoughts on board of selectmen for later.

    • I understand your anger at this situation. You feel that a ‘good’ person has been hurt. That makes most people angry. It is an acceptable emotional response.

      You are right that this entire situation has cost Hopkinton money. This isn’t Hopkinton’s choice. Jay Porter has been accused of sexually assaulting and raping a minor while an officer of the Hopkinton Police Department. Most of those costs would have occurred whether Hopkinton dismissed Tim Brennan or not.

      To avoid spending some of that money, Tim Brennan should have reported the conduct as soon as they became aware of the sexual assault in 2017. I am not arguing if he should/shouldn’t, rather, the costs for the town would have been less if it was reported sooner.

      • Assume Tim came forward earlier, was not able to produce a name due to the confidentiality he agreed with the victim on, or as the victim stated would deny it happened. Where would that, now unsubstantiated claim, leave Tim? Unemployed. He was between a rock and a hard place and made the right decisions counseling her guiding her to the point she could register an official complaint herself. Faced with this difficult choice, Tim made the right decision for the victim and himself, unfortunately the people holding power still chose to use him as a scapegoat for the chiefs’ buddies actions.

      • Don’t want to fight with you but would gladly. Tim finds out and tells chief chief tells porter now victim commits suicide or worse porter harms her. Now Tim and family are in danger from porter. Bad cops don’t care who the harm. Porter is still on the force. Tim or family members harmed by Porter. The fact is chief Bennet will retire dept free , town will face the debt, Tim will survive and be fine the victim will get justice, and Porter will have to decide if he wants to be the husband or wife in prison. Tim did the right thing!!!!

        • Steve:

          I’m stating that the only way for Hopkinton -NOT- to have spent any money would have been to have Tim Brennan report it immediately. That would have saved Hopkinton money on the Tim Brennan side of things.

          If Tim Brennan reported it, there would not have been as many costs. Tim did not report the incident, so now Hopkinton is spending money to investigate why. That branch has Hopkinton either dismiss or not dismiss, which is already greater than the branch where Tim reported it.

          Arguing “Hopkinton should not have investigated Tim Brennan because of the cost of investigating Tim Brennan” is a circular argument.

  10. Tim Brennan.

    He is my brother. He has served this town and this community.

    For A.S. & all the other people applauding the town. You just lost a 22 year veteran who protected and served you. Your children.

    For a policy violation.

    For not reporting to his direct supervisor that this very supervisor he had to report to had abused a child in your community. With no witness. Or to his best friend the chief, who is now executing a revenge tour against the very people trying to hold his best friend accountable for CHILD RAPE! Ridiculous.

    The board is covering itself and its decisions to put the clown chief and his rapist deputy in charge of your safety. Two best friends.

    IN CHARGE, of your Safety. Think about that. Think about these neglectful decisions.

    The chief outed a rape victim you fools. You’re so incredibly short sighted to not see that this is unjust, Brennan breaks a rule and protects a victim of child rape. The chief has broken the law. As did Ritterbusch (“ I like you Tim, but…”) she is f.o.s.

    Sgt Brennan will get his pension and more. This has cost Hopkinton hundreds of thousands of dollars. It will now cost you all millions. I hope you aren’t mad at Sgt Brennan when your taxes go up or when the State Attorney generals office knocks on the Chiefs door.

    Brennan’s violation is a slap on the wrist, now it will hamstring your town and alienate many for years to come. Punitive damages, loss of wages and unjust employment termination. Economic damages. Medical costs. Therapy. We could go on.

    Tim- I’m sorry this chief, his goon lawyer and this select board have treated you with such disrespect and disdain. Thank you for setting an example we can all follow, one where your humanity surpassed your duty to report to your boss that he in fact was a rapist.

    True story folks. Tim was fired for not reporting to his boss, that his boss was in fact a rapist. That’s absurd but true.

    Good luck Hop town, you’ll need it with these people in charge.

    Thanks to Tim and his family for being so strong and brave. Not easy. Not fun.

    Thanks to all of his supporters, you guys are hockey moms on steroids.

    Lastly. Tim.

    Thank you


    • Billy: With all due respect, as a non-resident, I’m not sure if you can understand exactly how much Tim means to this town, and especially to the young people, as a role model and leader in community policing. In my family with five kids, all grown now, three had interactions with Tim involving minor transgressions that helped them grow as a result of how Tim handled the situations. Another spent two scout trips with Tim, arguing politics with him, and in that interaction, learning that disagreeing does not mean you have to dislike the person. And there are just lots of similar stories across town.

      • Peter. He is my brother. I lived in Hopkinton when Tim am was SRO. I was a resident and I know this guy pretty well. I know his morals and judgement.

        Thank you Peter.

    • I don’t think you are doing Tim any favors, Billy. I understand your familial connection makes you feel involved and wanting to ‘defend’ him.

      I would be limiting Tim’s exposure if I was his family. I would consider speaking with counsel if you want to continue fighting for Tim in the public sphere.

      A friendly suggestion.

    • As someone who has been a victim, I would want a police officer to do his duty to report knowledge if another police officer attacked me even if I didn’t want to criminally press charges.

      Pressing charges criminally does open it to a bigger investigation. Internal investigations, which do _not_ require beyond a reasonable doubt, could have prevented this.

      Also, check yourself. Anyone can be a survivor of sexual assault. Your position that females are the only victims is quite hurtful and enforces the code of silence.

  11. A.S. Who should Tim have reported it to? Your town has proven itself incapable. He had no witness.

    What are you missing?

    Example report-
    Tim- “Deputy Chief, I’m here to report to you that you, have sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl over ten year ago”

    …hold my coffee, let me get your best friend the Chief…

    “Chief, your best friend and deputy sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl a while back. And I have no witness because she won’t come forward.

    … hold me coffee, let me get a member of the select board, maybe Irfan who is covering his past decisions of elevating the rapist or Ritterbusch who thinks Tim is a nice guy but yet send victims name to 5,000 people. Or Mary Jo that thinks the girl is 14 and we need to tell her mom (She’s 32).

    No, let’s try the town manager, oh wait. He’s checked out completely.

    Maybe, after all of my training and extensive work with children, sexual abuse victims, my four sisters, my wife or the 1200 woman I have helped certify in RAD training. Let me guide my choice by there experiences and support the lady. This person (lawsuit coming A.S. Your tax dollars) who needed protection.

    A.S. You are a clown and not one word of your attempts prove your side. You’re probably a Porter or Bennett or married to a select board member.

    Your arguments have no context. You act like a someone screaming for attention because you don’t get any. Just stop. If you can’t see that you are so far in the wrong, I feel bad for you. Unlike you I’m proud of my last name.


    You coward.

    • Seriously? Those of us who disagree with your biased view are clowns or cowards? If your brother did his job, we would not be having this discussion and there would be no exposure to the town. It is lazy to make personal attacks instead of a valid point. Insults=Lost Credibility. Simple.

      • I love that you’ve changed your mind on this, Chris Swezey. Your new support for the removal of Tim Brennan is a big change from your previous comments.

      • Chris. If you’re going to make this many arguments. Have the courage to use your name. It’s cowardly.

        What is wrong with me pointing this out?

        AS lacks credibility not me. I’m speaking the truth. My truth. You’re going to defend AS.

        Good for you. Thank you Chris Swezey for your words. I appreciate your courage.

    • Billy:

      You really don’t know my background, so please don’t argue with me. I have experience with different communities and life experiences. I have a number of certifications in different modalities and have worked with individuals in multiple stages of processing. I support harm reduction, restorative justice, and abolition.

      I am not saying the system is perfect – far from it. The position Tim Brennan was in was bad, and I do not think he did a morally bad thing. It was a violation of ethics and I believe that he is facing the consequences of his ethical violation.

      Tim would be a great advocate if he wants to keep working with survivors of SA. I believe he probably could do more in that position than as a law enforcement officer. I would COMPLETELY support Tim working with Youth and Family Services as a victims advocate.

      I believe that Tim violated his ethical duties as a law enforcement officer and should no longer continue in that position in the Town of Hopkinton.

      I have a different world view than yours. I have had different experiences which have shaped my perspective which is different from yours. You are entitled and have a right to express your feelings on justice.

      I have the same right to express my feelings about issues relating to justice. Just because we are not in alignment does not invalidate anyone’s argument.

  12. A.S. He doesn’t need any favors.

    He was fired. Who is he to answer to. I certainly do not need your advice.

    You and chat bot. Go back to your moms basement you coward. I’ve been holding back for weeks due to people like you. People who can’t even share their name yet persecute my brother. He has more morals in his finger than you in your entirety. Just go away.

    I’ll defend him as much as I want.

    • I feel Tim Brennan did the right thing by respecting the survivors thoughts. His actions were not in malice. They were, however, an ethical violation based on his position as a law enforcement officer. That is the conversation.

      Similarly: I feel you are acting in malice. I see you fighting because you are hurt and want to lash out at people. You have a right to be angry.

      However, I feel your actions are unacceptable. Please stop.

  13. A.S. Ask ChatGPT what happens when a police Sargent accuses his superior of a crime with no witness? Do that officer then get charged with filing false accusations?

    The power is the chief and his deputy would have railroaded Tim years ago.

    I cannot believe how naive you are.

    Your Chief outed a rape victim. Multiple times.

    What a good guy he is.

  14. AS, I’m curious what your ChatGPT would say about a police chief who releases a report that identifies the victim of an alleged rape, which was not only cruel and traumatizing for the victim, her family, etc. but also against the law. The Board of Selectman have not addressed this at all as far as I know. Bennett needs to be punished/fired. How can he remain after outing the victim which was against the law, and most likely a policy violation. He is the chief and should be held to an even higher standard than the officers under him. He needs to go.

    • I agree that there should be an inquiry into why this occurred. It should not have happened.

      That does not impact the conversation that Tim Brennan should have had consequences of his actions.

  15. With all the emotions running so high, I’d encourage engaged citizens to stay focused on the actionable items that can be exorcised here……focus on a recall of Nasurallah and Ritterbusch…..they’re incompetent. Focus on getting Bennett fired……focus on getting charges brought against Ritterbusch and Bennett….:they richly deserve it.

  16. Regardless of one’s position, it is not beneficial to engage in personal attacks against A.S. or anyone else. After the initial stumble of attempting to use ChatGPT to prove a point, A.S. seems to be presenting their point of view in their own words. While I disagree with this person, I think he or she has a right to their opinion and a right to express it without being bombarded by personal attacks. I would also like to point out that it is possible for a person to disagree with how Sgt Brennan handled this matter, but also support a much more lenient outcome for him. In other words, he could have been reinstated with a reprimand instead of offering him a demotion and long suspension. That seems very harsh. However, another reader commented that perhaps there is more information that we are not privy to. Who knows? At any rate, personal attacks are not the way to solve our differences as fellow citizens.

    • Glen:

      I have always supported a more lenient response which did not include Tim Brennan being reinstated. I feel that he should have ‘retired’ with his pension intact or another suitable response. Firing was given as the only option beyond reprimand.

      Thank you for your kind words.

  17. AS, I think that Brennan has already suffered consequences. He has been suspended for a very lengthy period of time and although it was with pay, I read that he lost about $25K in duty pay that he otherwise would have made. His name and reputation have been dragged through the mud by some in town, although the alleged victim supports him, as do many others in town. His interview with Kroll was released to the public, when it was supposed to be confidential. It was also used against him in an employment decision when it apparently wasn’t supposed to be. He and his family have suffered from this long, drawn out process. Now it will just be drawn out more and the town just might get sued for unlawful termination. It is the SB and police chief that should be suffering consequences for their poor handling of this situation.

  18. While all of you have been protesting something you have no control over the town has been making budgetary decisions without your input. Why do any of you think that you have any say in a personnel matter? Whether or not Brennan did what he did or not it’s not up to any of you to be involved. And frankly it’s not up to the Selectboard either. The decision to terminate an officer is at the discretion of the chief of police no matter what Mrs Kramer thinks. She just put her two cents in because of her relationship with the accused.
    It’s none of your business. Pay attention to your budget. Pay attention to what payments are being made. If any of you want to work in Hopkinton there are about 8 open positions. Until then-vote. Show up to town meetings and get involved. Stop being a bunch of Facebook boomers because none of your signs and protests have any bearing on internal operations.

  19. Tim Brennan is guilty of protecting this victim from any further harm from her horrible experience. And I am proud of him and consider him to be a dear friend. AS, it almost sounds like your saying “damn the victim, full speed ahead!”. You can’t make a policy that absolutely covers every scenario 360 degrees, there are always a few bugs that are going to get in the soup. Even in your little world of rainbows and unicorns, you can’t wrap up all the policies in a box, with cute wrapping paper and a pretty bow and expect that all of the answers are within it. To think so would be extremely naive. You speak of his ethical obligation as a police officer, well given the way the Town showed its hand in “outing the victim”, and showing their true incompetence, Sgt. Timothy Brennan was faced with an extreme circumstance, and based on his training and experience made a decision to protect the victim which I would argue was the absolute right thing to do. So sorry that it didn’t fit in your pretty little box of policies with a pretty little bow on top! I would take Timmy Brennan’s humanity and compassion over your alleged ethics violation any day of the week. And remember a couple of more things about his ethics, he didn’t harm anyone else in making his decision, and did not do it for any personal or professional gain. He did it out of respect for the victim, and his compassion for those that he is sworn to protect!

  20. Ethics:
    1. Moral principals that govern a person’s behavior or the conducting of an activity

    2. The branch of knowledge that deals with the moral principals

    “Moral Character describes a person or behavior as right in the moral sense- truthful, fair, and honest

    Difference between Personal Ethics and Professional Ethics:
    Personal Ethics refers to the ethics that a person identifies with in respect to people and situations that they deal with in everyday life

    Professional Ethics refers to the ethics that a person must adhere to in respect of their interactions and business dealings in their professional life

    In some cases, personal and professional ethics may clash, and cause a moral conflict.
    For example:
    A police officer may personally believe that a law that he is required to enforce is wrong. However, he is required to obey all lawful and reasonable instructions to enforce that law unless there is good and sufficient cause to do otherwise
    Taken from Code of Conduct for New Zealand Police

    In regards to A.S. and his interpretation of unethical actions of Sgt. Brennan, there was no crime to report until years later when the actual report was made. Without the victim being willing to come forward, it would only be hearsay. This has been repeated over and over again, so like many others, I don’t understand your inability to understand this simple fact.

  21. Thanks to the Select Board for working through this issue and coming to the final decision to dismiss Sgt. Brennan. Based on all the commentary I have read it sounds like Sgt Brennan is a respected member of the community. Good to hear that he was given an option to stay on the force.
    The police force policies are put in place for specific reasons and they must be followed. While he has expressed his reasons for not reporting the alleged sexual assault, the policy is not subject to his own interpretation. And in my opinion, by not reporting the alleged assault by another officer there is an appearance of the police force protecting their own members. I think Chief Bennet made the correct decision and I have trust in the Hopkinton Police force.

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