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Tedstone Announces Bid for School Committee

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Today, the Hopkinton Select Board issued a public notice, informing residents that the Select Board and School Committee will hold a joint session on Thursday, July 11 at 7:00 PM to fill the vacant seat on School Committee. The vacancy occurred following the resignation of Adam Monroe on June 9.

Subsequently, HopNews has learned that longtime Hopkinton resident and former Selectman Brendan Tedstone has applied for the position. The Tedstone’s have a long history of service to the town; Mr. Tedstone is the sixth of seven generations of Tedstone’s living in Hopkinton.

In a letter to the HopNews Editor, Mr. Tedstone outlined the reasons for his candidacy.

Please allow me to reintroduce myself. My name is Brendan Tedstone. I am a lifelong resident of Hopkinton and a former two-term member of the Select Board. I have also served on the Elementary School Building Committee. My wife and I have two children enrolled in the public schools. Our family is active in various activities in town including youth sports, school extracurriculars and local government.

Recently, a member of the School Committee resigned. The Select Board and the School Committee will convene in joint session to appoint a replacement until the next regular town election in May of 2025. I am seeking this appointment to the School Committee at this time for several reasons.

  1. I am a father to two wonderful children. Like you, I want the best possible education for them. Hopkinton Schools are renowned for their quality education and high standards. I want to keep them that way!
  2. As a former member of the Select Board I understand how the finances of Hopkinton work, and what we need to do to ensure we maintain our excellent schools.
  3. I also understand the magnitude of the debt we will need to manage carefully over the next 10 years. Two new schools in one calendar year is a significant debt burden for our community. It is imperative that we spend wisely and not overburden the taxpayers during this historic development period for the schools.

While this not a typical election process, I would appreciate your support for my candidacy to be appointed to the School Committee. Should you feel inclined, please reach out to the current School Committee members and those that serve on the Select Board and encourage them to vote for me for this 1-year position. Thank you!

Mr. Tedstone added that he welcomes questions and comments from the community, and can be reached via email at BrendanTedstone88@yahoo.com.

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  1. Fantastic news. Great to see Brendan is interested in giving more of his time to the betterment of the town. If selected I wish him the best of luck!

  2. Brendan has my vote, not because he’s a personal friend, but because of his ethics, morals, and commitment to this town.

  3. Not sure this will help or hurt you, Brendan you have my full support. I’m ecstatic with the thought of you being a member of the school committee. We need a no nonsense fighter who won’t back down from their beliefs and will stand up for our children. You’ll certainly fit into those shoes.


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