Hopkinton: Hot Times

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Episode 18 of The HopTake: Jake Auchincloss

US Congressman Jake Auchincloss discusses the war in Israel, Donald Trump, Democrats' November strategy, China's role in global fentanyl trafficking, and federal efforts on PFAS. Additionally, Peter and Jimmy talk about HTA President Becky Abate, payroll issues at Town Hall, and the return of the Horribles parade.

Episode 17 of The HopTake: Election Special w/Clark and Herr

On this episode, Brian Herr and Joe Clark swing by the pod to discuss their post-election victory.

Episode 16 of The HopTake: Town Meeting Time

On this episode, we discuss the debates and outcomes from Annual Town Meeting. The team covers the FY 2025 operating budget, funding for HCAM, the Hopkins addition vote, spending for our firefighters, the appointment of Sgt. Tim Brennan, and much, much more.

Episode 15 of The HopTake: The Housing Crisis

On this episode, we are joined by Massachusetts Secretary of Housing and Livable Communities, Ed Augustus, whose department is charged in part with overseeing the implementation of the MBTA Communities Act. Also joining Peter as co-host is Chair of Hopkinton's Planning Board, Gary Trendel.

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Hopkinton: Hot Times

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