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Meet Select Board Candidate Joe Clark

Joe Clark, with strong Hopkinton family ties, announced his candidacy for the town's Select Board. Clark aims for economic growth to offset rising taxes and pledges to enhance transparency on the Select Board.

Brian Herr Seeks Return to Select Board

Brian Herr, a long-time Hopkinton resident, is seeking a fifth term on the Select Board after previously serving four terms and ending his last in 2021. Herr, who has changed his party affiliation to Independent, emphasizes the need to address local issues, support quality education and town services, manage finances carefully, and complete the Downtown Corridor project. With experience in town government and a commitment to nonpartisan local advancement, Herr is responding to community encouragement to run again.

Kyla McSweeney: “I will Listen to the Concerns of All Residents”

Kyla McSweeney is contending for Hopkinton Select Board to fill one of two vacancies, aiming to represent all residents' concerns. Holding a law degree and working with diverse educational perspectives, she emphasizes the importance of balancing development with maintaining affordability. McSweeney also prioritizes clean water and retaining local talent, valuing Hopkinton's strong community.

Meet Peter Mimmo, Candidate for Select Board

Peter Mimmo, a Hopkinton Board of Assessors member since 2022, is running for the Select Board on May 20. He's a civil litigation attorney and former Northbridge public servant. Mimmo emphasizes his labor expertise, listening skills, and prioritizes government transparency and discourse with residents. Diane, his wife, is a committed community member. Mimmo proposes creating an Economic Development Advisory Board and tackling the local PFAS water issue.
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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for April 1, 2024

This week in Mayberry, Shane got nabbed for boosting $1,200 worth of loot, and Robson was busted for a boozy joyride. Meanwhile, the town dealt with phantom smells, icy roads, and canine chaos (dogs running amok!). Fraudsters posed as electricians, and potholes claimed another victim's tire – talk about rolling through the week with surprises around every corner!

Why Our Cops Left

In Hopkinton, amidst discussions on leadership and departmental morale, the Select Board appointed Kyle Quinzani as a new police officer. This comes at a time when the Hopkinton Police Department is experiencing notable turnover, having lost 11 officers between 2021 and 2022. The challenges facing the department are multi-faceted, involving both internal issues such as morale, affected by tragedies and limited promotion opportunities, and external pressures like financial constraints linked to historical policies. This situation paints a picture of a department in transition, grappling with both legacy issues and the need for modern solutions to retain and motivate staff. For those interested in the dynamics of local governance, public administration, and community policing, the full story behind Hopkinton's efforts to stabilize its police department offers valuable insights. Log in or subscribe for access to an in-depth exploration of how the town and our leaders are addressed this complex issue.

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