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Episode 5 of The HopTake: Breaking Brennan

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On January 20, HopNews released the fifth episode of our original podcast The HopTake. In this episode, HopNews Editor-in-Chief Peter Thomas is joined by A.S., a local resident and frequent commenter on HopNews.

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A and Peter recap the absolute madness that was the Select Board’s public hearing to consider the termination of Hopkinton Police Sergeant Tim Brennan. We also discuss the friction between the Town Clerk and Select Board over voting rights for green card holders, we explore the local real estate market and its impact on taxpayers, and we share the story of the Hayden Rowe Hall, which once hosted a speech given by the great Frederick Douglass.

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  1. Agree that a visual would have been very helpful, especially since one of the SB members – Mary Jo I believe is her name, was so confused that she asked if the survivor’s parents were notified. Seriously, she was an adult! Unacceptable that the board is deciding the outcome yet there were so many instances when there was confusion and misunderstanding of what was being presented.

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