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Episode 18 of The HopTake: Jake Auchincloss

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Newton born. Harvard grad with an MBA from MIT. Served a tour in Iraq as a Major in the Marine Corps. Elected to Congress at the age of 32.

Get ready for a deep-dive into the national issues that affect the November election. Jake Auchincloss, who represents Massachusetts 4th Congressional District, swings by the pod to discuss the war in Israel, Donald Trump, how Democrats can win this November, the role of China in global fentanyl trafficking, and federal efforts to fix the PFAS problem.

Also on the pod: Peter & Jimmy on HTA President Becky Abate, Town Hall missing payroll, and the return of the Horribles parade.

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  1. I cracked up when he tried to defend Biden’s foreign policy. Biden is a disaster on the world. This guy seems like a nice guy and very intelligent but he’s delusional, his party is single-handedly destroying this country. Does Jake realize outsourcing all our energy on day 1 of the Biden admin has pushed the gas pedal for inflation? Sorry Jake but your party has been taken over by progressive leftist nuts.

  2. Dear “shaking my head”

    I was doing all i could not to shake my head during the pod.

    Peter keeps me on a tight leash when we have esteemed guests on the pod which I am completely in agreement with. Total respect is how we roll with our guest but the ridiculous ‘tow the party line’ rhetoric was nauseating. Still, this guy “Just Jake” was so smart and so impressive I couldn’t help but like him and will definitely vote for him when he inevitably runs for the senate.
    Look, he has to say that bullshit bc the dems are in big trouble this election cycle. Everyone knows it. However, Jake will prove himself to be a very moderate, thoughtful and impactful politician in the years to come. Massachusetts is lucky to have a guy like this.

  3. Jim, thank you for the feedback. I agree that he is an impressive guy both education and service wise and if the democrats were full of people like him this country would be a lot better off. You did a good job, I get you don’t want to get too confrontational with an obviously good person but I just get frustrated when a smart guy is trying to defend a disastrous career political hack like Biden. Honesty would go a long way to getting the public’s trust back (both parties). I enjoy the pod, you guys are very fair on there.


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