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Tractor Trailer explodes on I-495

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Explosions were heard far and wide tonight as the result of a trailer explosion that occurred on I-495 in Hopkinton. The nearby woods were engulfed in flames as the truck came to stop on the side of the road. There wasn’t much left of the trailer from the looks of it.

“I was literally walking feet from it (trees between my road & 495) as it happened. Felt the heat as it exploded. One explosion knocked my dog back,” wrote a Patriots Boulevard resident.

According to Hopkinton Fire Department, the trailer was empty at the time. “The truck was traveling southbound on I-495 and caught fire,” said Deputy Chief Gary Daugherty. “The driver noticed and was able to pull over and safely exit the vehicle.”

The sound of the explosions were likely the tires popping as they ignited, added Daugherty.

A complicating factor is that there are no hydrants at that area of the interstate. The State 911 took the call and dispatched engines from Hopkinton, Westborough, and Upton. Hopedale Fire brought an additional tanker to assist.

The nearby woods caught on fire, but the blaze was quickly extinguished.

* this story was updated 2/21/2023 9:30 AM

Seen from Patriots Boulevard
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  1. What could have possibly been in that trailer that would explode like that? And it’s no biggie to transport something dangerous in a trailer? Something doesn’t add up here…glad to hear the driver wasn’t hurt. But what would cause THAT?

    • Something isn’t right. Transporting an EMPTY tractor trailer? Should be going NOWHERE but to it next loading zone. Odd that it blew up on an area of 495 with NO HYDRANTS too right?? Prolly just coincidence…. THIS STINKS TO HIGH HELL!!! DEMAND THE TRUTH!!!

  2. It was extremely dangerous! Why did that happen? How did that happen? Drivers were definitely freaked out, I drove by as well, no fire, rescue or police were on the scene! Unacceptable! Someone did something terribly WRONG! Who? Why?

    • Happens all the time. Engines wear and or overheat. Flammable fluids (oil gas) can leak on hot metal. It’s easy for it to consume the engine if not more. Once it gets the tires it’s tougher to extinguish. Makes lots of black smoke too making it look worse than it is.

    • If you drove by it then it just happened how could police or fire be there. They don’t have an office full of psychics directing them where to be.

    • So sorry that you and others were freaked out! Unacceptable indeed! And I can’t believe no one responded and no one is investigating what happened! I hope someone gets back to you soon with some answers!

  3. My daughter and I drove by it in the right lane and it was smoking when we approached it, then 1-2 seconds later I looked in my rear view mirror as she was dialing 911 and there were flames rising in the air. Fortunately we got past it safely and noticed the driver had gotten out before it caught in fire.

  4. I get trucks can explode. Why did the CONTAINER explode?! People heard more than one explosion. My husband worked in intermodal for decades…..this type of explosion is not typical

  5. Well for starters, there are 18 tires (Plus spares) that can explode separately in addition to whatever else there was on hand! If you have ever been near a burning vehicle and witnessed a tire explosion, it can be quite loud and scary!

  6. Tires explode there is nothing fishy about this incident. The truck probably had at least 100 gallons of fuel in the fuel tank that could cause a pretty big fire

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