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The HopkinToon: So Many Questions

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  1. I’m concerned that our police force is typically comprised of 29 officers when fully staffed and we’re short 9 officers. If we don’t have enough officers to protect us then shouldn’t we insist that the town solve this problem for the safety of all residents? If the Select Board is standing in the way, we need to hire professional town management and do away with elected boards.

    • Meanwhile, the Select Board continues to refuse to answer any questions about this: What exactly is their review process? Are there any concerns about these two particular police officers that are up for promotion, or are they simply victims of town politics and a power play by Muriel Kramer? What is the timeline for the review process? When can these two officers get some clarity over their promotions? In other words, what the heck is going on? If the Select Board wants to review police promotions, then they should clarify HOW. What is the process? Or are these two hard-working officers stuck in Franz Kafka’s novel “The Trial”?

  2. Are we really all asking for a police review board?

    Based on the responses across all the articles published here and in the Hopkinton Independant, I think that it would be incredibly popular. We can take it out of the Select Board’s hand and put it in a specifically ‘non-political’ committee.

    I’d agree to just wave the promotions through if we could implement an independant police review board.

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