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Spotted: Yard Signs for Brennan

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Yard signs in support of suspended Hopkinton Police Sergeant are appearing throughout Hopkinton. An organization calling themselves the Grassroots Advocacy Group for the Fair Treatment of Sgt. Tim Brennan have launched a website and are offering free delivery for interested residents. Meanwhile, a rumor has leaked that the group is planning to picket in front of the Hopkinton Police Station tomorrow afternoon.

This is a developing story.

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  1. This whole thing is ridiculous. It’s clear as day the Board and the Chief are derelict in their duties. I pray the town has D&O insurance to cover the cost of this negligence. Chief Bennett needs to go…tomorrow. The Board should resign and succumb to the fact you all messed up.

  2. WHY IS THE CHIEF STILL EMPLOYED??? Do we have a Town Manager or not? He’s still getting paid – DO YOUR JOB. Where is the SB in this employment issue???? This is absolutely ridiculous. Pay Attention Hopkinton!!!

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