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Episode 6 of The HopTake: Outrage at Public Forum

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On February 3, HopNews released the sixth episode of our original podcast The HopTake. In this episode, HopNews Editor-in-Chief Peter Thomas welcomes Jim Scanlon back to the pod, and Scanlon drops a bombshell: An effort is underway to recall members of the Hopkinton Select Board.

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On this episode, Peter and Jim break down the withering criticism the Hopkinton Select Board endured on Tuesday night, as frustrated residents took turns lighting up the Board and police chief for their handling of the Tim Brennan matter, and for having released protected information about former Deputy Chief Porter’s rape victim. The pair also explore the suspension of Dr. Margo Roman, the local veterinarian who has run afoul of state regulators, and discuss the Select Board’s intended correction to the Town Charter and the planned $50 million addition to the Hopkins School. Plus, they share a short story about the time Hopkinton Town Hall was nearly sold at auction.

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