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Snappy Dogs Turns Fifteen

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In the spring and summer of 2009, Teresa and I held a blind taste test for friends and family to help us choose the best tasting brand of hot dogs. We visited food trucks all over Massachusetts and asked a thousand questions of their owners. We filled out forms and had meetings at Town Hall. Dale Danahy and the Colella sisters granted us permission to set up our trailer in the vacant lot next to their market, and the night before opening we ordered 200 rolls from Colella’s bakery.

We had no idea the line of people we would encounter that first day!

In the 15 years since our opening we have met thousands of people, hundreds of whom we call regulars and hold ”frequent buyer” cards, many whom we consider friends. We’ve watched toddlers eat their first hot dogs, catered graduation parties of the high schoolers we’ve watched grow up, and have attended funerals of some of our dearest and most loyal customers.

We’ve survived all the elements- the heat waves, the rain storms, the ice and hail and snow storms. We’ve endured road closures and plant-based science, the sale of Colella’s and the pandemic.

Teresa and I are in our 60s now but we love this little red trailer of ours, one we’ve literally built by hand, and we’ll keep doing this for the foreseeable future. As long as you come, we’ll serve.

Here’s to many Snappy years to come!

Lisa Volpe Hachey and Teresa Boyce a.k.a Little Lisa and Tall Teresa

20th Century Homes
Sunnyside Gardens

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  1. Part of the fabric of the Town of Hopkinton, we are lucky to have Lisa and Teresa and their amazing Snappy Dogs here for 15 years!!! Thank you ladies!!! Congrats!! 💪🍾🥂🌭

  2. Happy Birthday to Snappy Dogs !!! Congratulations To Lisa & Teresa for a job well done & appreciated by all.
    See you soon.
    Maureen Kane Bumiller


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