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Roman’s License Renewed, Petition Launched

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On February 28, 2023, the Massachusetts Board of Registration of Veterinary Medicine renewed Dr. Margo Roman’s veterinary license. This, in spite of an ongoing investigation – the fifth in Dr. Roman’s professional career – into allegations of misrepresentation and unprofessional conduct.

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The most recent investigation stemmed from complaints of Roman participating in “false and misleading advertising”, specifically around the recommendation of non-approved therapies for the treatment of COVID-19 on human patients.

Previous investigations have focused on Dr. Romain’s unorthodox veterinary practices. In a written report, the Veterinary Board concluded that Roman’s practice of veterinary medicine “constitutes physical abuse and/or engaging in unnecessarily rough handling of an animal in your care.”

While her license was renewed, she remains on probation.

Citing the HopNews report, an organization known as “Humane Hopkinton” has created a petition on Change.org that urges the Select Board to create new bylaws to protect animals in Hopkinton. As of this writing, the petition has collected more than 250 signatures.

The petition also cited the incident with Greyhound Friends where a dog imported from Ireland died within hours of arrival. “When notified of this tragic loss, the Select Board said it was outside of their purview. To our knowledge, no one to date has investigated the cause of death or enacted safer practices,” reads the petition.

The petition seeks a new town bylaw that would “empower the town to close an establishment if they bring harm to animals”. 



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