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Remembrance for Destini Decoff takes place

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Tonight at 6:30, a crowd of nearly 100 gathered outside Cornell’s Irish Pub to remember Destini Decoff, the 26-year-old woman that was allegedly intentionally fatally struck by a vehicle on April 5. Ms. Decoff succumbed to her injuries two days later.

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Members of Ms. Decoff’s family were joined by friends and strangers for a candlelight vigil and balloon release. As Ms. Decoff’s mother, Tracy, arrived, she was tearfully embraced her own mother. Seated at a table bearing her daughter’s picture and several candles, Tracy Decoff received a procession of hugs from those gathered.

Destini Decoff

“She was a free soul,” said her grandfather, Mike. “Anytime anyone needed help, that’s what she’d do. She would open her door to anyone without questions.”

“Long Live Destini” and the number 26, Ms. Decoff’s age at the time of her death

Ms. Decoff’s alleged assailant, Ryan Sweatt, 36 of Milford, was taken into custody by Hopkinton police at the scene. He remains at the Billerica House of Corrections pending the outcome of a Dangerousness hearing. Barring an exception from a judge, the holding period is a mandatory minimum of 120 days while he awaits prosecution.

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