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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for April 1, 2024

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This week in Hop, a Worcester man was nabbed for boosting $1,200 worth of loot, while a Milford resident was busted for a boozy joyride. Meanwhile, the town dealt with phantom smells, icy roads, and canine chaos (dogs running amok!). Fraudsters posed as electricians, and potholes claimed another victim’s tire – talk about rolling through the week with surprises around every corner!


  • On March 30, Shane Ray of Worcester was arrested on charges of:
    • Stolen property worth $1,200
  • On March 31, Robson De Almeida of Milford was arrested on charges of:
    • Operating under the influence

March 25

  • DPW was contacted regarding icy conditions on Legacy Farms N.
  • 911 caller reported an odd smell in their office. Fire department responded.
  • Walk-in requested to speak with an officer about cyclist safety.
  • Caller reported his son lost his backpack by the Fruit St fields after his sport game. The bag was black containing a laptop belonging to “Blackstone Valley Tech”.
  • Animal control brought loose dogs to Baypath that were found on Priscilla Rd.
  • Ashland PD was alerted of an erratic driver heading toward them after a 911 caller reported.

March 26

  • 911 caller reported a two car accident on Hayden Rowe St. One vehicle waited for a tow.
  • Woman reported a call from someone claiming to be NStar electric stating they would be coming by to get their meter. When she called NStar they said they did not have that scheduled. The incident was logged in case it happened to anyone else.
  • Animal control was notified of a dog on Ash St that barks during all hours of the night.

March 27

  • Officer Walker checked on a report of an object obstructing Chamberlain St. When he arrived nothing was found.
  • 911 caller reported disabled vehicle in the middle of School St. The vehicle was towed.
  • Officer Santoro gave a courtesy transport to a individual needing to go to the Southborough train station.
  • Caller reported a vehicle hit hers in a parking lot.
  • Officer Ekross responded to a report of a vehicle speeding up and down Daniel Shays Rd six times. The vehicle was not found.

March 28

  • A day care on Wood St notified the police of a speeding mail truck. The post office ensured they would speak with the driver.
  • Caller reported a vehicle that sped through an intersection on Legacy Farms N not stopping for the stop sign. The caller explained that this has happened on a number of occasions.
  • Officer Beloin responded to a potential one-vehicle accident on Pond St where the vehicle hit a stone wall. A tow was on the way.
  • Officer Beloin came across a disabled vehicle on Main St that had hit the curb and popped two tires. A tow was at the scene.

March 29

  • Caller reported business fraud.
  • 911 caller reported a dog attacking someone on Mayhew St. The dog was returned home.
  • Milford PD found items belonging to a Hopkinton resident and requested Hopkinton PD contact them.

March 30

  • Eversource was contacted regarding low hanging wires on Wilson St.
  • A referee working at Fruit St fields notified the police that the restrooms were locked and there was a tournament that day. Parks and Red was notified and opened the doors.
  • Caller reported a pit bull roaming around their back yard on Walcott St. Officer Proctor assisted.
  • Anonymous caller reported a vehicle complaint of a very loud motorcycle speeding up and down Downey St. Officer Buentello responded and notified the operator of the complaint.
  • Caller reported an on going civil dispute.
  • Woman reported she got a flat tire and scuffed her car rim from hitting a pothole. A message was left with DPW.
  • 911 caller reported there was a woman in a parking lot and her vehicle was broken down. Several officers responded.

March 31

  • Officer Beloin assisted Worcester PD with a notification about a hit and run.
  • 911 caller reported her son left the door open and her 3 year old walked out. Officers found the child.
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