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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for March 25, 2024

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This week in Mayberry: Excavator escort, raccoon ruckus, and matrimonial mystery. Lost labs and lurking vans stir the pot, while the quest for cash turns suspicious. Oh, and another raccoon!

March 18

  • Officer Beloin assisted traffic on West Main St while a contractor picked up their excavator.
  • Animal control responded to a report of a raccoon hissing at a person walking by Fruit St.
  • Walk-in requested the police log her missing wedding ring.
  • Officer LaTour returned a black lab wandering around Briancliff Dr to their owner.
  • Caller reported man approaching people looking for money on West Main St.

March 19

  • Caller reported her alarms are sounding at her house on Lumber St when no one should be home.
  • Officer Schofield responded to a report of two vans doing suspicious stuff on Lincoln St.

March 21

  • Officer Walker assisted a truck in the middle of West Main St.
  • A contractor arrived on the scene of an electrical wire that caught fire on a branch on East St.
  • DPW was notified of an icy spot on West Main St.
  • 911 caller reported a two car accident on Main St with no injuries. Tow company was enroute.
  • Officer Ziniti resolved an issue involving getting a juvenile back into a store.
  • Caller reported a past road rage incident.
  • Officer Stanley spoke with an individual reporting a vehicle that drove over grass to get around a fenced area.
  • Officer McNeil responded to a report of a truck that got off on the wrong exit and needs help turning the vehicle around.

March 22

  • Officer Grimley checked on the new equipment at Fruit St fields after it appeared to have been blown over by the wind.
  • Officer Walker spoke with a caller who said he sold a camera to a buyer on Marketplace but the buyer said he never received the item.
  • Walk-in reported identity theft.
  • Walk-in reported their FedEx package was tampered with and the phone that it contained was stolen.
  • Officer Beloin spoke with a walk-in about a possible squatter.
  • A business supervisor reported a suspicious truck driving up and down Legacy Farms N.
  • 911 caller reported they found a black lab on Wild Rd. A person who knows the family that the dog belongs to offered to return it home.
  • Caller reported a vehicle speeding on A St and going through stop signs. The vehicle was gone by the time authorities arrived.
  • Animal control was alerted of a deer on East Main St.

March 23

  • Officer Grimley came across a vehicle that pulled into a parking lot but then left. He was later informed that the operator worked there.
  • Officer Ekross assisted an operator that hit a rock in the middle of Wood St and popped a tire.
  • The fire department followed up on a report by a medical alert company that couldn’t make contact with an individual.
  • 911 caller reported an intoxicated man with a gash on his face on Curtis Rd.
  • Caller reported a raccoon in his backyard.

March 24

  • Walk-in wanted to speak with an officer regarding a road rage incident.
  • 911 caller reported a person screaming, banging, and crying coming from the apartment above her on Revolutionary Way.
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