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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for March 18, 2024

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In the Hopkinton hustle, Officer Diaz does double-duty as a plumber while our canine friends enjoyed unsanctioned strolls and mistaken contractors start hot tub parties uninvited. An array of bizarre incidents keeps the local PD hopping, from vehicular animal crashes to impromptu trespassing DoorDash escapades. Meanwhile, a wild bobcat mistakes a roads for a habitat.

March 11

  • Officer Diaz assisted the fire department with a broken water pipe on Winter St.
  • Officers Walker and Buentello caught a loose dog on a leash by East Main St and returned it to Bay Path.
  • Caller reported a past dog bite by what seemed to be a white bulldog. The owner was a woman in her sixties.
  • Bus company alerted the police of a vehicle blocking Clinton St causing traffic. Officers stood by while the vehicle was towed.
  • Caller reported a seat cushion in the middle of Ray St.
  • Officer Santoro left cones around a truck that notified the police they would be needing to park on Ash St overnight.

March 12

  • Officer Beloin assisted Southborough PD with a prisoner.
  • Animal control was contacted regarding two large dogs running in and out of the roadway by Cedar St extension.
  • Officer Saletnik spoke with an operator who was reported for cutting people off in traffic, not stopping for a pedestrian at a crosswalk, throwing trash out the window, and speeding through a red light.

March 13

  • An accident involving a vehicle and a deer occurred on Ash St.
  • 911 caller reported a man on his patio that wasn’t supposed to be there. The man started working on the caller’s hot tub. It ended up being a miscommunication as the contractor had the wrong address.
  • 911 caller reported he was at the residence of someone who stole his credit card. The man has been trying to follow up in several locations.

March 14

  • Caller reported a dead fox in the mulch outside of their hair salon.
  • Caller reported he got home last night and believes someone had been in his home on Parker Point Rd while he was away. Officers followed up.
  • 911 caller reported an intoxicated man was trying to get into the building by Constitution Ct.
  • Walk in turned in a key their found on the road.
  • Officer Diaz gave a verbal warning to someone driving a motorcycle on trails by Hayden Rowe. If the driver did it again he will be trespassing and given a summons.
  • 911 caller reported a car hit a person on Main St. The child was transported to UMass Hospital.
  • Caller reported that an animal, possibly a dog, was on West Main St. Officers O’Neil and Ekross responded and found an injured bobcat that was hit by a car.

March 15

  • A girl took her parents vehicle without permission. Officers got involved to ensure the registered owner regained control of the vehicle.
  • Caller reported that she lost her keys on Wednesday. It is a set of two keys with a name tag that says ‘Daniel’ on them.
  • 911 caller reported that in New Bedford there is a man saying he wants to kill someone and is armed. The call was transferred to New Bedford PD.
  • Walk-in requested an officer speak with his daughter.
  • Caller reported a loose dog on Main St. The owner eventually located the dog.
  • Officer Grimley responded to a report of a missing sign, but the instructions of where the sign was were unclear. Grimley checked Granite St. later and found it was the Granite St sign that was missing, and was unable to locate it.

March 16

  • Caller reported being concerned about someone she saw on TikTok.
  • Officer Walker contacted Hopkinton Parks and Rec to get someone to open the bathrooms on Fruit St fields. There was a day-long soccer tournament with more than 100 people attending.
  • A manager spoke with Officer Walker after they reported someone painted graffiti on their bathroom walls late last night.
  • 911 caller asked if the department knew where her son was and if he was arrested. The Hopkinton PD advised that they did not arrest her son.
  • 911 caller reported a DoorDash driver was trying to get into her house on Connelly Hill Rd. Officers responded, but upon arrival the driver took off in a white van. Authorities will be following up with video footage.
  • A man called 911 reporting a truck was driving behind him on Granite St. flashing their lights before they passed the caller’s vehicle and throwing something at him. The caller pulled over to Cornell’s parking lot and wanted the incident logged.
  • A woman called reporting two suspicious vehicles outside of her house and requested officers check on them. Officer Staback responded and found them unoccupied, but informed the woman they were Hopkinton residents.

March 17

  • A resident on Spring St found two dogs, a tan terrier and a white terrier. Animal control was called and reunited the dogs with their owner.
  • Officer Beloin was flagged down by a vehicle on Hayden Rowe St reporting an erratic operator headed toward the Common.
  • Caller reported a small Dachshund washed up in the alcove behind their house on Lakeshore Dr. Animal control responded and retrieved the dog.
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