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10 Spots Remain for Leadership Academy. One is on Us.

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We’ve written previously about Enjoy Life Education, the leadership academy founded by a former Hopkinton Middle School science teacher and his student. The academy empowers teens to become the best version of themselves through a high energy team-building model and a social emotional learning-based curriculum.

Enjoy Life Education Leadership Academy

Leadership Academy is open to all rising 10th – 12th graders and this year will be hosted at Stonehill College from July 10 – 14. It is a cell phone and social media-free zone for the week for the kids, who spend time discovering their true identity and making real, lasting connections with others.

As of June 2, more than 110 students have registered for the academy, many from Hopkinton. Due to space limitations, ELE can only accommodate 120 campers. Interested parents are encouraged to act fast.

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The HopNews Leadership Academy Scholarship

Learning leadership lessons at a young age holds immense value for teenagers as it equips them with crucial skills and qualities that are essential for personal growth and success in the future. By understanding and practicing leadership principles, teenagers can develop effective communication, decision-making, and problem-solving abilities, enabling them to navigate through challenges with confidence and resilience. Leadership lessons also foster self-awareness and empathy, encouraging teenagers to understand the perspectives of others and work collaboratively in team settings. 

The HopNews team feels that investing in Hopkinton’s young people is critically important. We’ve seen firsthand the impact this program makes in the lives of teens. You don’t have to take our word for it – hear from the teens themselves:

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Today we are announcing the HopNews Leadership Academy Scholarship. The student with the winning essay will be awarded the full tuition cost for the 2023 Leadership Academy ($1,345 value). This is open to rising 10th – 12th grade students of all gender, race, religious and sexual orientation. While Hopkinton students are encouraged to apply, any student is eligible to win.

The requirements are simple: In your own words, write a short essay (300-600 words) on what leadership means to you. What are the qualities and characteristics of an effective leader? What are some leadership lessons you’ve learned from someone in your life or a¬†historical figure? What about your background or life story makes you uniquely qualified for this experience and what do you hope to gain?

All submissions should be sent to editor@hopnews.com and the deadline is Thursday, June 15. 

We look forward to learning about what leadership means to you!

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