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Winged Foot Exhibit goes up on Common

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In Celebration of the 100 Starts of the Boston Marathon from Hopkinton, the 26.2 Foundation and the Hopkinton Center for the Arts are hosting a “Winged Foot” Art Exhibition and Auction.

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Twenty-six artists from MetroWest and beyond were selected to paint a winged foot with their creative ideas to celebrate this momentous year. The feet will be displayed on Hopkinton Common near the marathon’s start line from April 1 through April 21. The public is encouraged to register to bid on these unique pieces of artwork through this site. The bidding will close on April 21 at 5 p.m, with all proceeds raised from the auction benefiting the work of the 26.2 Foundation and the HCA.

“The 26.2 Journey” by Mary Holden

I ran the Boston Marathon three years in a row, including the year of the bombing. The literal physical and visual journey of the run from Hopkinton to Boston takes on an extra personal and special meaning when you’ve run the course from start to finish multiple times (both training and Marathon day). Passing through each town is its own experience and milestone. The spectatorship is awe inspiring. The colors of runners & spectators and signs are so vibrant. The scenery becomes an intimate part of the experience.

“Trot, Trot from Hopkinton” by Catherine Gruetzke-Blais

This whimsical design plays on local symbolism and music. The title of the classic childhood lap song “Trot Trot to Boston” is altered into “Trot Trot from Hopkinton”; and the horse is replaced by the BAA’s and Boston Marathon’s symbol of a yellow unicorn. The unicorn, with its mane “flying,” wears sneakers on its hooves and is posed at the start line of the marathon in Hopkinton Center. The lower part of the design is a nod to the beauty of Hopkinton: bucolic nature and a classic New England town common. Scattered around are balloons, music notes, and stars depicting the festivity and magic of the Boston Marathon event. There is nostalgia in the design: for those who have experienced the marathon in the past, will this year, or may in the future. The marathon is timeless.

“Tying the World Together” by Karen Webb

The Boston Marathon is a global event with runners from around the world who come together every year in April, with their love of running, competitive spirit, and sense of community tying them together. This piece was created with running shoelaces donated by runners from multiple countries and from the Boston area. The feathers of this winged foot were created by sewing together pairs of running shoelaces in a loop design. The foot itself was created by weaving running shoelaces into a cloth. The blue and yellow tied laces represent Boston Strong and are a nod to my daughter and the other children who were present at the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013, and who have battled PTSD since that day. This piece includes laces which were worn in the 2008 Amsterdam Marathon, 2011 New York Marathon, 2014 Chicago Marathon, 2015 & 2017 Budapest Marathon, 2015 & 2017 Paris Marathon, 2019 Great Wall of China Marathon, 2019 Chicago Marathon, 2019 Berlin Marathon, 2021 London Marathon, 2022 Istanbul Marathon, 2022 Vienna Marathon, 2024 Tokyo Marathon, and multiple years of the Boston Marathon.

“100th Boston Marathon” by Felicia Tuttle

For my design I incorporated the signature colors of the Boston Marathon, (blue & yellow) with feather like patterns on the wings of the foot. I also added a classic Hermes style sandal on the foot with basket weave patterns. The colors and sandal represent the speed and determination of the runner(s) at this event. It’s also the 100th time Hopkinton served as the starting line for the Boston Marathon and that’s a big deal for that community which is why I added that wording to my design. In addition, the heart shaped patterns portray the communities love and commitment to this event. Historic events like the Boston Marathon brings communities together to celebrate and I hope this design becomes part of its celebration.

To see all exhibits, and to place bids, visit the HCA’s auction site.

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