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West Main Crashes Decrease Sharply

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On March 13, 2023, workers from Hopkinton DPW installed plastic dividers on West Main Street between Cumberland Farms and Alltown Fresh. This had long been one of the most dangerous areas of road in Hopkinton, with drivers frequently attempting a left turn out of Cumberland Farms while vehicles exit from I-495 at high speed before merging into a single lane.

While some residents expressed frustration that it is now difficult to reverse direction at that intersection, data from MassDOT shows a sharp decrease in the number of motor vehicle accidents in that location.

From 2018 to 2022 the section of 85 – 91 West Main Street averaged 27 accidents per year, the most in any single area of Hopkinton. Most were 2-car accidents that occurred between 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Drivers typically were between 25 – 44 years old, and rarely were injured.

YearNumber of Crashes 85-91 West Main% difference
2023 YTD3-164%

This year there have been just 3 crashes. None were serious and all happened in January, before the barriers were erected. The data also shows a decrease in 2020 and 2021, likely due to fewer cars on the road during the COVID-19 pandemic.

HopNews created an interactive dashboard for readers to explore other crash hotspots in town. Click to view the Data Studio in full screen, or use the map below to explore the data.

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  1. Add lane barriers because because people won’t obey the traffic law? There was never any enforcement done before they were added. The yellow barriers are an eyesore, and now you’ve got east bound drivers attempting U-turns at the traffic light to gain access to the AllTown station. The road is not wide enough for that, and I’ve seen several instances of cars driving up on the sidewalk creating hazards for pedestrians. The “planning” in this town is truly atrocious.

    • Alltown has two rear entrances/exits. No need to make a U-turn at lights. You can turn left at the lights onto Lumber St. Ext., a couple hundred feet later take another left and enter into the Alltown lot. Maybe Alltown can add a sign to let people know somewhere. I exit that way as well so i can come out at lights and feel safer even though most of the time I am going right to head home.

  2. The lane barriers had to go in, and I applaud the town for moving forward with it despite the displeasure of Cumberland Farms. It is quite clear that most people in Massachusetts see the signage as a suggestion that doesn’t apply to them. (no right on red at south and main, yield signs, stop signs, etc.). With all that said, I wish the town would have given a little more thought to this intersection. There appears to be enough road that you could continue the left lane and have it become the left turn lane, which would drastically improve traffic flow by removing the need to merge it down to one lane. This simple fix might make a lot of morning travelers and school bus drivers much happier. Just a thought.

  3. I fully supported, and still do, the installation of the barriers. However, despite them not resulting in an accident “yet”, I have seen an increase in illegal u-turns at both Lumber St. and South St. as a result of these barriers. I actually had someone in front of me while taking a left onto Elm last week who tried to u-turn in front of Alltown Fresh, not make the corner, and have to back up on West Main to finish making the turn. I come down South St. every day, multiple times a day, as I live in the Lake Maspenock neighborhood, and when we have a green arrow to turn right onto West Main, the cars turning left onto South St. also have an arrow. Every day, I see people u-turn right in front of me, putting those of us turning at the light at risk for an accident, too. I agree the barriers help, but we didn’t really solve the whole problem here.


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