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They Came, they Saw, they Touched a Truck!

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Children and families gathered at the High School parking lot this afternoon for the annual Touch-a-Truck fundraiser presented by the Hopkinton Public Library Foundation. All proceeds benefited the Library of Things at the Hopkinton Public Library.

More than 35 service trucks, construction vehicles and food trucks were available for the kids to explore. The parking lot was a cacophony of honking horns and delighted children as they roamed from one vehicle to the next. Hopkinton Police and Fire any many local business owners came out to support the event.

A special thanks to reader Chris Masters for sharing drone photos of the scene.

Hopkinton Police Chief Joe Bennett places a badge on one of the guests.

Under Pressure brought the bubbles
UniBank Manager Bo Daley passes out the swag
American Climbers brought a popular fleet of their biggest rigs.
A drone shot courtesy of Chris Masters
Sunnyside Gardens
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