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A Horrible Parade

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Sunnyside Gardens

On July 4, 2024, Hopkinton residents lined the streets to witness the return of the Horribles Parade, a tradition since the 1930s that was suspended due to the COVID pandemic. This year the parade was coordinated by the Hopkinton Republican Town Committee, and State Representative James Arena-DeRosa served as Grand Marshal.

Christine Strickland is the owner of Christine Strickland Photography in Hopkinton.

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  1. Well done, Hopkinton. I laughed out loud at the photo of those truly Horrible Judges. Bet you don’t see Trump in Hopkinton covered by the big networks. Thanks, HopNews!

      • And his presence in the Epstein files. This should be disqualifying (along with the felony convictions) but apparently the RNC thinks he’s AOK.

        • That would be Donald Trump’s presence, not Joe Biden’s to be clear.

          It is a most interesting read that should grab the attention of anyone with young daughters.

  2. I have lived in Hopkinton on Pleasant St for 25 years and I have never seen a more pathetic parade than yesterday’s Horrible parade. I regret the rule change of no water ballons or water gun fights during the parade. That is what made the parade such a great time. My kids and I would spend all week planning our strategy and it truly was an event for my family. Sadly, we are now forced to live in a world where the minority rule, or where no one can be offended. How is a water ballon offensive escapes me. What is offensive is this idea that due to politicians being immature or too self-absorbed to hear any negative criticism, we as a community have to change tradition! I plan to fight this change and make the Horrible’s parade great again!

    • Miguel, maybe next year you can help with the planning and maybe even design and enter in a float with your family! Try doing it from the other side of the parade and create new family traditions!!!! it really can be fun!!

    • Miguel, just to clarify, water guns are fine and were never an issue. The issue was with water balloons that some folks would toss in the freezer before coming to the parade and water “Hoses” that houses along the route would use to douse the participating floats and trucks/cars that towed them. For those reasons we limited the water to water guns, meaning squirt guns, super soakers, etc.

      I also agree with John, you may want to consider entering a float next year…maybe even take a “roasting” shot at the organizers. It would be in keeping with the tradition of the parade!

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Jim Mirabile

  3. Miguel (and others), in my august role as Horrible Man of the Year, it falls upon me to offer these sage words of advice, paraphrasing, “Ask not, what the Horribles Parade can do for you; ask what you can do for the Horribles Parade!” 🙂

    Thank you to Ken, Jim, the McIntyre Family, Park + Rec, Select Board, HPD, HFD, and anyone else I should have included, for bringing this long standing tradition back!


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