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Take the Select Board Poll

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HopNews readers are invited to provide their feedback on the Hopkinton Select Board, which is comprised of the following members. This poll is entirely anonymous and you will not be asked to provide your name or contact information.

  • Muriel Kramer (Chair)
  • Shahidul Mannan (Vice Chair)
  • Amy Ritterbusch
  • Irfan Nasrullah
  • Mary Jo Lafreniere

The poll has closed. View the results.

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  1. At the June 19th hearing, i found Muriel Kramer to be well versed, articulate and fair. She got a bit emotional and annoyed when the crowd started yelling, but she is the only current member that i feel fully understands the magnitude of this current situation.

    • Muriel Kramer is the Chair. Consequently, she bears the most responsibility for ensuring the effectiveness, transparency, and willingness of the Select Board to listen to the concerns of this town’s citizens. Leadership implies accountability, not excuses.


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