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Take a Video Tour of the International Marathon Center

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The 26.2 Foundation has released a conceptual preview of the International Marathon Center to be built in Hopkinton. The state-of-the-art facility will feature an education and conference center, a marathon museum, and a hall of fame. The IMC will be located on Route 135, less than a mile from the start line of the Boston Marathon.

The 26.2 Foundation entered into a 99-year lease with the Town of Hopkinton for the 19-acre site last May. They are working with a number of local companies for architecture, design, site analysis and permitting. GRL Architects was contracted to design the 25,000 square foot facility.

“I firmly believe that bringing an International Marathon Center to Hopkinton is not only a testament to our town’s rich running heritage but also a catalyst for significant economic growth within our community,” said GRLA co-founder and Principal Scott Richardson. “By hosting this prestigious institution, we open doors to a world of opportunities, attracting athletes, enthusiasts, and tourists from across the globe. This influx of visitors will undoubtedly breathe new life into local businesses, creating jobs, boosting revenue, and fostering a vibrant economy that benefits every resident of Hopkinton.”

Watch the video tour of the IMC below, narrated by 26.2 Foundation CEO Tim Kilduff.

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  1. Instead of time and effort on a “marathon center” how about constructing a much needed teen center. I bet CVS would get behind that!

    • I sat on in a town meeting 4 years ago where there was a discussion of turning the Center School into a community center benefiting both children and adults. What a brilliant idea! Guess what? Nothing has happened. It’s been 4 years. We could have gutted the building, gotten rid of the asbestos, brought it up to standard and created an incredibly useful (and walkable) location for teens to gather and have a safe zone. Not to mention, there are basketball courts, a playground and a park right outside the front door. Imagine what it could have been and still could be. But nothing has been done. Our town moves too slow and is unfocused. A community center won’t solve all the problems, but it would certainly help!!

    • Perhaps instead of disparaging this endeavor, you should start a foundation, like the proactive members of the 26.2 Foundation, and work toward building the teen center you sound passionate about.

  2. Kudos – looks impressive! I was inspired seeing there will be component about the Boston Marathon and another that includes what it takes to host an event like this.

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