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Public Forum to be held on LNG Plant Safety

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On June 8, 2023, a public forum will be held on the ongoing safety and operational concerns of the Eversource Liquefied Natural Gas plant on Wilson Street.

The meeting was scheduled in response to concerns town residents have expressed about the age of the storage tanks, air quality and overall security of the plant. Representatives of Eversource, as well as members of the Select Board, are expected to attend.

A recent article published in HopNews explored the history of the LNG plant and the associated risks to nearby residents, particularly due to a failed vapor mitigation system installed in Legacy Farms North. Subsequently parts of the mitigation system have been repaired by the Legacy Farms Landowners Association. Residents continue to have questions about the age of the plant, the air quality permit on file with Mass DEP (which expired in 2017) and the onsite security that protects the facility.

The meeting will be held June 8 from 6:30 – 8:30 at Faith Community Church in Hopkinton, 146 East Main Street. All members of the public are encouraged to attend.

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  1. I know that a similar LNG plant in Salem MA has a has a double chainlink perimeter fence set up. That inside fence sounds a loud alarm if contacted. It doesn’t appear that that the Hopkinton facility has a double fence line and this no contact alarm. Why not equal security in LNG plants?

  2. I find these articles about the LNG facility interesting, and for the most part misguided, wrong headed and misinformed. Now if that doesn’t make you defensive…

    The facility is where it is, because that’s the best location for the plant. The plant was there long before the housing development was ever considered, and if there were safety concerns about living that close to the plant, the town never should have allowed it.

    I’m no friend of Eversource, so don’t assume I’m defending them. That said, when I was involved with the plant, a few years ago, Eversource was making efforts to modernize the plant and replace aging systems. The town of Hopington did everything they could to impede Eversource from making those upgrades. If anything ever happens at that plant, thank your town planners.

    As for the perimeter gas lights, another brilliant idea. Portions of the plant are designed to minimize ignition sources and there are/were procedures in place for when when leaks are detected. Intentionally igniting a gas cloud could put the opererators at risk, the same people you might be relying on to contain the situation.

    I get it no one wants the plant. Go ahead complain. Doing stupid things only puts you more at risk.

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