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Watch: HopNews interviews Eversource on Safety and Security of Hopkinton LNG Facility

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On May 17, Jim Blackburn, Manager of LNG and Engineering Services at Eversource sat down with HopNews Editor-in-Chief Peter Thomas to discuss operations and safety measures at the Hopkinton Liquefied Natural Gas plant.

The facility, which is the largest of its kind east of the Mississippi, serves more than 300,000 customers in New England. Questions have been raised recently about the safety and reliability of the plant following a series of HopNews articles.

Hopkinton residents have petitioned the Select Board to hold a public hearing on the topic.

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  1. I would have liked to hear him asked about where the security people work. Is there someone who is supposed to be by the gates or patrolling the perimeter of the property? I do hear on the scanner that the police make routine checks. I would also have liked to hear about those special gas lamps on the lamp posts that are supposed to be lit 24 hours a day but not one of them are lit. Supposedly the Legacy Farms board is supposed to take care of those lamps. Who in their right minds would climb a ladder to light the gas lamps if they are just volunteers on their neighborhood board. Having to accept liability for what might go wrong to say nothing of being in danger if something does go wrong, would make me say NO WAY will I accept that responsibility. Why isn’t Eversource taking care of the lamps considering they are such an important part of protecting the families and homes in that area?


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