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Project 351 Students to hold a 9/11 Tribute Service at the High School

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Hopkinton Project 351 will hold a 9/11 Tribute Service with a stone garden and a moment of silence at Hopkinton High School to honor and remember everyone lost during the attacks on September 11, 2001. 

Project 351 is a non-profit organization that selects eighth grade students across Massachusetts for their values of kindness, compassion, and gratitude. The mission of Project 351 students is to engage in year-long service to bring the community together. Although a 9/11 tribute is a required event for Project 351 students, senior member, Karen Tang, expressed that she enjoys the 9/11 event because it “allows her to be a part of something bigger than herself.” 

Continuing her service since the eighth grade, Karen has decided to dedicate her projects this year, including the 9/11 service, to the late Diana, Princess of Wales.

“Her genuine commitment to service and the community was so impactful,” Karen reflected.

The Hopkinton members, Karen Tang, Anna Noroian, Aryan Shah, and Sophia Zanella, partner with the high school’s National Honor Society and National Art Honor Society groups to decorate the stones for the garden. The stone garden will be displayed in the shape of a heart in front of the school and the community is encouraged to visit it. They simply ask that no one touch the display. 

When asked about what they hope the community will take away from the service, sophomore, Aryan Shah wrote that “The act of decorating rocks in honor of individuals lost to the attacks of 9/11 symbolizes that we preserve them in our memory and hearts and that they are continued to be loved by us and their families. Above all, this allows our town to reflect. The biggest takeaways from the garden should be gratitude and remembrance.” 

Hopkinton’s Project 351 students will be doing more community engagements throughout the year. They invite those interested to follow Hopkinton Project 351 on Instagram or check out their website where they’ll add additional information. 

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