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Priefer Resigns from Planning Board, citing SB’s actions

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Today, HopNews was copied on a letter of resignation to all Planning Board members from Ronny Priefer, who was elected to the Board in March 2022. In the letter, Mr. Priefer says the Select Board’s actions have “caused potential harm to rape victims, both those that have been victimized in the past and have been contemplating coming forward“. Priefer also accused the Select Board of showing “complete lack of respect to the law“.

Mr. Priefer is the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies at the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences and is a registered Democrat. The full text of his letter is printed below.

Dear fellow Planning Board members:

I have been watching closely how our Select Board responded to the Sgt. Brennan situation as well as the replacement of a new Town Accountant. The Select Board actions has caused potential harm to rape victims, both those that have been victimized in the past and have been contemplating coming forward, as well as those sadly in the future. Showing complete lack of respect to the law regarding the privacy of victim’s information and following that off with a wrongful termination, highlights incompetence. This was further exemplified by the recent hiring of our new town accountant. Hiring someone that has a scandalous past and now putting them in charge of our finances is irresponsible. For these reasons, I cannot see myself continuing on, and thus must tender my resignation on the Planning Board, effective immediately. 


Ronny Priefer, PhD

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    • Curious…. Have you been to a planning board meeting? Have you ever volunteered on a board? As a 6 year volunteer I take offense to your comment.

  1. I don’t disagree with his decision at all. It’s hard to see good people leave but I agree with everything he said. Town leadership is a dumpster fire right now.

  2. If nothing else has been, THIS is the wake-up call that all of us in our town needed to understand the gravity of the Select Board’s incompetence.

    The BOS members should be stepping down, but instead they will sit back with their arms crossed, heads down, and continue to let the town lose incredibly talented people doing great work for Hopkinton. It’s appauling.

    Unfortunately, when you see the decisions they are making, and the way they are conducting themselves, I’d have to agree it’s a smart move to disconnect yourself from any affiliation with our BOS.

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