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Episode 11 of The HopTake: Run Joe, Run!

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On March 22, HopNews released the eleventh episode of our original podcast The HopTake.

On this episode, Peter and Jim discuss the entrance of newcomer Joe Clark in the race for Select Board, GPS in police cars, free speech is on the line at Public Forum, and 4x Superbowl Champion Rob Gronkowski is scheduled to visit Hopkinton. Plus, we add a new segment this week – Who Does What – where we offer listeners a brief overview of the inner workings of our Town Government. On this episode we profile the office of Hopkinton’s elected Town Clerk, Connor Degan.

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  1. Thank goodness someone other than the HDTC is putting up candidates. Clark and Herr will be a welcome relief to Kramer and Nasurallah. Dedication and competence will replace arrogance and absenteeism.


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