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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for April 29, 2024

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This week in Smalltown Mayhem: Two misguided motorists bagged for bad behavior, a suspect set shrubbery ablaze, and an overzealous DoorDash driver dazzles with dodgy driving. Plus, a vanishing Boxer named Eevie seeks freedom in the forest and locals dial 911 more than a teenager texts – for everything from unearthly odors to existential crises over lost boat keys.


  • On April 23, Reineiro Rivera of Charlotte, North Carolina was arrested on charges of:
    • Negligant operation of motor vehicle
    • Operating under the influence
  • On April 28, Lucas Gentil Da Silva of Ashland was arrested on charges of:
    • Operating under the influence – liquor

April 22

  • Officers Grimley and Schofield assisted a vehicle on Woodview Way with their alarm going off.
  • 911 caller reported a vehicle on West Main St that was in an accident and their airbag deployed.
  • Caller wished to speak with an officer about human trafficking incident.
  • Walk-in reported a vehicle on a bridge in the woods by Cedar St where vehicles aren’t supposed to be.
  • Woman reported someone was trying to take money out of her account. No money was lost.
  • Caller reported there was brown water coming out of her tub facet. The water department was advised.
  • Man reported a road rage incident in which the other party got out of their car and punched his car. The incident was transferred to Upton.

April 23

  • Passerby reported to the DPW an outdoor odor of natural gas by Thayer Heights Rd.
  • Caller reported his fiance is staying at her friends house in town and she is being held ransom.
  • Caller reported his neighbor is digging near the sidewalk where there could be gas. Officer Buentello responded to the homeowner who was planting on his property.
  • 911 caller reported someone was following her after she honked at them.

April 24

  • Caller reported a pine tree branch fell on wires on Priscilla Rd.
  • Officer Ziniti checked on someone changing a tire on West Main St.

April 25

  • Operations manager from UMass University campus was told a man was assaulted by his previous caregiver. Officer Normandin spoke to the man and stated “He was joking”.
  • Caller reported a two car motor vehicle on Main St, there were no injuries.
  • Walk-in reported he lost his wallet.
  • Officer Ekross issued two parking violations on Hayden Rowe St for parking in the fire lane.
  • 911 caller reported a fire in the bushes on Chestnut St.

April 26

  • Officers Burchard and Grimley attempted to check on a person walking on South St, but as they approached the man ran away.
  • Walk-in wished to report someone with unregistered firearms.
  • Walk-in reported threats to her son.
  • 911 caller reported a vehicle all over the road on Chestnut St breaking for extended periods of time. Officers checked in and it ended up being a lost DoorDash driver.

April 27

  • Man reported he lost his boxer in the woods by College St. It has brown fur and is a girl named “Eevie”. A message was left for animal control.
  • 911 caller reported an accident on West Main St. Officer Diaz responded. There were no injuries.
  • Officer Walker conducted traffic enforcement after a complaint of speeding traffic came in by Hayden Rowe St.
  • Multiple 911 calls reported a man yelling at loud vehicles on Main St. Officers spoke with parties involved.
  • Animal control was notified of dogs barking on Claflin Pl. They seemed to be stuck.
  • Upton was advised of an erratic operator heading towards them.

April 28

  • Caller reported he sold an item to a resident who later returned the item but refused to return accessories.
  • Walk-in wished to speak to an officer about a family issue.
  • Man reported his lost his boat keys last night and was wondering if anyone turned them in. The incident was logged.
  • Caller reported a ladder in Hayden Rowe St. Milford PD arrived to the scene.
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