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Hopkinton Police Incident Log for May 13, 2024

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This week’s reports were full of suspicious vehicles, animals in the middle of the road, and several incidents on I-495.

May 6

  • Animal control responded to a report of a little white puppy in the middle of Chestnut St. The dog was returned to its owner.
  • Officer Buentello assists an operator getting their phone from between the seats parked on West Main St.
  • Walk-in reported their wallet was stolen.
  • Officer LaTour assisted a caller that wants to get a no trespass order.
  • Caller wishes to speak with an officer about a road rage incident regarding a man that was tailgating them and recording.

May 7

  • Officer Saletnik responded to a report of a vehicle parked on someone’s private property that wishes the vehicle be checked on. The vehicle was gone upon arrival.
  • Officer McNeil received a report of a turtle in the middle of Wood St.
  • A passerby picked up a brown boxer like dog from the middle of Granite St and turned it into Baypath.
  • Officer Saletnik informs a party to leash their dog after receiving a report.

May 8

  • Verizon was notified of low hanging wires creating a hazard on East St.
  • Multiple calls reported a muffler in the middle of 495 S before the off ramp. State police was contacted.
  • Woman wished to speak with an officer about a moving company she hired.
  • Caller reported a dead cat in the middle of Cedar St. The animal was soon identified as a opossum and DPW was contacted.
  • Officers Saletnik and Schofield spoke with a motorcyclist about speeding up and down the road. The motorcyclist’s friend came to pick him up.

May 9

  • Officers Normandin and Burchard check on an empty vehicle on Hayward St and two more empty vehicles in the middle of South St. Officers couldn’t find the drivers and decided to come back in a couple hours.
  • The fire department went to check on an alarm sounding on West Main St.
  • Officer Walker spoke with construction workers after a report came in of their vehicles causing a hazard. The workers moved the dump truck which opened up the road but hit a mailbox in the process. Arrangements were made to fix the mailbox.
  • 911 caller reported a vehicle ran her husband off the road into a guardrail. Both parties were on the scene and the issue was resolved. Authorities arrived to check everything was okay.
  • Animal control was notified of a raccoon running around strangely by Hayden Rowe St.
  • The fire department checked on two little girls sitting outside on the corner alone on Main St. The father came outside and everything was okay.

May 10

  • 911 caller reported an erratic driver on I-495 N.
  • Two tows were requested for a crash on Hayden Rowe St. There were no injuries.
  • Walk-in was looking to get rid of a firearm that they found at their mother’s house. It was not an actual firearm but turned out to be a BB gun. The walk-in requested it still be taken.
  • Officer Normandin spoke with someone rearging their stolen mountain bike.
  • Officers looked for a blue Dodge pick up truck after it was reported for possibly being driven by a drunk driver because it was going on the sidewalks. Negative find.

May 11

  • Walk-in reported graffiti on the playground at Center School.
  • Walk-in reported his ex-wife’s boyfriend was yelling at him at the Fruit St fields.
  • Caller reported a motorized bike on the sidewalk.
  • A state trooper responded to a call for assistance when a woman’s car broke down on the ramp.
  • Walk-in used the bathroom before requesting a ride home.

May 12

  • Caller reported a small brown dog running int he road on East Main St. Officers couldn’t find the dog.
  • 911 caller reported a road rage incident regarding a vehicle that got onto 495 N. State PD was contacted.
  • Caller reported she believed someone tried to break into her house on Huckleberry Rd.

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