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Elmwood Passes at the Polls; School Will Be Built

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On Tuesday, November 28, Hopkinton voters took to the polls to consider a single ballot item that would authorize the town to borrow the $158 million necessary to construct a new Elmwood School. The measure passed with more 61% of the vote, but it needed only a majority to carry.

Unofficially, a total of 1,629 votes were cast, with 995 voting in the affirmative. Construction for the new school is scheduled to commence in 2024 and conclude in 2027.

“It’s incredibly gratifying to me that this town continues to show up and support education in Hopkinton,” said Elementary School Building Committee Chair Jon Graziano. “This is why our schools are so great. It’s not a small population, there are many people who are dedicated to investing in our students.”

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  1. I am happy that the vote was in favor, but can’t help noticing that if these voters were the only ones at Town Meeting, the vote would have failed since it did not meet the two-thirds requirement. Interesting.

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