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Hopkinton PD Throws Down the Gauntlet

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Today on their Facebook page, the Hopkinton Police Department dared the Westborough Police and Grafton Police Departments to face them in an epic battle of pickleball.

The post read:

Westborough Police Department, we accept your challenge on the ultimate proving ground known as the pickleball court. Though we must warn you this was foolish to taunt us. Our department is composed of young stud athletes who run on nothing but energy drinks and a whole lot of determination. With the addition of some crafty veterans, we are perfectly balanced, as all things should be. We too will accept the side challenge from Grafton Police Department and losers have to donate $500 to the winning departments charity of choice. When we win, we will celebrate our victory by donating to our charity of choice, the Michael Lisnow Respite Center. The win for HPD is… Inevitable!

On Friday, December 1, Westborough PD challenged several local departments to a duel of pickleball, with the proceeds of their winnings to be donated to the Special Olympics of Massachusetts.

The date for the match has yet to be announced, but HopNews will be following this story closely, and we may be able to get our friends at HCAM to provide live coverage!

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  1. Maybe this little tournament can be done on the opening day of the new Hopkinton pickleball courts. Great way to get coverage on 2 events.

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