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Broken Water Main leads to Dirty Water for Residents

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On Saturday night the Hopkinton Department of Public Works was alerted to a broken water main at the intersection of Wood Street and Elm. Crews worked through the night to make repairs, which were completed in the early morning hours on Sunday.

DPW spent all day Sunday flushing fire hydrants in town to clear out the dirty water. Work would have continued today, but due to the pending storm, Director John Westerling was forced to call off the effort to prevent icing.

DPW has fielded multiple calls from residents today concerned about dirty water. Areas most affected are on the west side of town, in the West Main / Wood Street / Woodville section.

If your water is dirty, DPW is advising you to not drink it or cook with it until it becomes clean. Residents are advised to turn on their faucets to flush the pipes, which depending on the length of the service line and size of home, may take up to 15 minutes.

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