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Brennan Back on the Agenda

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It appears that newly seated Select Board members Brian Herr and Joe Clark are already steering the board in a different direction.

On Tuesday, June 4, the Select Board will receive a “process update from Town Counsel on the matter of former Police Officer Timothy Brennan.” Outside of the Loudermill hearing, this is a topic that the board has never publicly discussed. Instead, all deliberations have been held in Executive Session and the minutes have not been released.

During the campaign, both Herr and Clark were unequivocal in their feeling that the Brennan matter was handled poorly by the previous board. “The Select Board failed to represent the will of the people in Hopkinton,” said Clark, during the April 30 candidate’s debate.

The Select Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, June 4 at 6:00 PM at Town Hall, live on HCAM, or via Zoom.

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  1. Can you imagine the nerve of these two Selectmen, actually listening to the voters of this town, and doing the right thing? Folks, may I suggest that you sit back and watch a lesson in Civics 101, carrying out the will of the citizens, what a novel idea, I wish that I had thought of it! May I suggest that you may jump on the bandwagon, or get out of the way! There will be no “crocodile tears” as there were at the Loudermill Hearing, when the majority of the Board sat in front of over 200 concerned citizens and stated that “this is a difficult decision” or whatever other phony comments they used. I’m calling B/S! Talk about a difficult decision, Sgt. Tim Brennan made a difficult decision, he “put it all on the line” to preserve the identity and dignity of a sexual assault victim without regard for any consequences, for which there rightfully should have been none, least of all years later when policies were drafted and implemented.

    Kudos to Brian and Joe, let’s right this ship and get on with preserving the pieces of town where we all have chosen to live and raise our families!

    Respectfully Submitted,

    Don Collins
    Teresa Road


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