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VIDEO: Take a Ride with Sunnyside

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Have you ever wondered where flowers come from? Or more accurately, how they get from the ground to the florist to your front door? 

Before dawn on Saturday, February 10, we took a trip to the Boston Flower Exchange with Carrie Hurley White, the owner of Sunnyside Gardens in Hopkinton. The Flower Exchange is not open to the public; it’s a collection of wholesalers who sell exclusively to retail florists and event planners. The Exchange plays host to a dizzyingly complex global supply chain, one that can deliver flowers that are cut in Japan on a Monday and arrive at your house by Friday.

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we knew the Exchange would be busy and overflowing. But what surprised us was how much time, care and consideration Hurley White spends to make sure her shop has the freshest and most beautiful flowers available. She literally handpicks each product, and her attention to detail is remarkable.

Even more impressive is watching Hurley White interact with her suppliers, many of whom she has known for decades. It turns out that like many industries, the flower world is very small indeed. 

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  1. Keep up the good work Carrie and colleagues! Greatly appreciate your dedicated time and efforts when our family needs arise for arrangements!

  2. Thank you for showcasing Carrie and her lovely personality! She is the best! It’s wonderful to have her in town and see her creations through flowers!

  3. Carrie is a wonderful human, when my parents passed away two weeks apart a couple of years ago, she was wonderful. Great video of her hard work and dedication to her work profession and passion.

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