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Postcards from the Past

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20th Century Homes

Thanks to Alyssa Gamble for this curated collection of postcards from Hopkinton and Woodville’s past.

Hopkinton Proper

Main Street with what is now the library on the left
Now the Korean Presbyterian Church, this was known as the First Congregational Church of Hopkinton (FCCH), now Faith Community Church of Hopkinton.
Hayden Rowe has always been lined with beautiful trees
Now Hopkinton State Park

Woodville & Lake Whitehall

At one time, Woodville had several commercial operations that leveraged the waters of Whitehall Brook and Lake Whitehall. The Coolidge Carriage Manufactory was one such, sited on Wood Street near the dam, and shown below. John Wood (for whom Woodville is named) operated both a sawmill and an inn. Joseph Walker – for whom a street in Woodville is named — invented a method of attaching soles to shoes with wooden pegs, which revolutionized the shoe manufacturing industry and helped make Hopkinton a center of it.

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  1. Many more photographs and postcards are available for viewing on Digital Commonwealth. The library and Historical Society have posted approximately 160 images? Please take a look. Search Hopkinton.

  2. Thanks for sharing this great collection! If folks are interested in seeing more photos from Hopkinton’s past, check out digitalcommonwealth.org and search for Hopkinton. Both the Public Library and Historical Society have contributed over 200 hundred photos and postcards to that site.


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20th Century Homes

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