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Porter pleads Not Guilty to three counts of Child Rape

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Former Deputy Chief of Police will be fitted with a GPS tracking device

Former Hopkinton Deputy Chief of Police John “Jay” Porter was arraigned in Middlesex Superior Court today on criminal charges of three counts of rape of a child. He pleaded not guilty to all counts.

Wearing a dark suit with a bright red shirt and tie, Porter stood stoically as Assistant District Attorney Thomas Brant presented the charges against him. 

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“Based upon our investigation, (Porter) worked as a School Resource Officer. During the time period of 2004 and 2005 he became acquainted with one of the young female students at the school, someone who at the time was very vulnerable,” said ADA Brant. “During that time period she became very close with Officer Porter, and there are two incidents that the Commonwealth is alleging occurred during the young female’s tenth grade, one in September and one in June.”

In September 2004, Porter allegedly volunteered to drive the victim from the school to her house. He stopped his vehicle along the way and engaged in a sexual assault against her, “two specific types of rapes that occurred”, said ADA Brant. Then in June 2005, after the girl babysat for him, Porter allegedly assaulted her in an attack that ADA Brant described as “oral rape”.

ADA Brant continued: “Just by Mr. Porter’s luck, two or three years after this incident, the Commonwealth State Legislature enacted the aggravated rape statute. But for that, Mr. Porter would be facing a 10-year mandatory sentence. This just predates the enactment of that statute, so I would suggest that this is a very serious case.”

ADA Brant said that the victim lives in fear of Porter and that she has a very young family. “She is fearful of Officer Porter coming to her house and intimidating or coercing or threatening her. She is worried not only about her residence and her workplace, but also her young children’s schooling locations.” The Commonwealth asked Judge Michael Sullivan to release Porter on his personal recognizance, but that he should be fitted with a GPS tracker and that “exclusion zones” be set up for the victim’s work, home and her children’s schools.

Porter is represented by Attorney Leonardo Angiulo of Worcestor. Anguilo previously represented former State Police Lieutenant David Wilson in the Troopergate scandal.

“This is the most serious thing a person can be accused of,” said Anguilo. “But it is an accusation that he is presumed to be innocent of and he asserts that innocence and looks forward to challenging the allegations against him.”

Anguilo asked Judge Sullivan to rule against the Commonwealth’s request for a GPS tracker, calling it “intrusive”. “(Porter) has not tried to run. He has not tried to seek out anybody who could have possibly made this allegation. He has done what he continued to do for over 30 years, to be a husband, a father, and up until recently, a public servant.”

Judge Sullivan asked if there was any issue with firearms. Attorney Anguilo confirmed that Porter had surrendered his firearms and his License to Carry to local authorities.

The judge requested a sidebar with both attorneys, and they approached the bench. Porter sat alone at the table, his posture erect and motionless. After a few minutes of discussion the attorneys returned to their seats and the clerk of the court read Judge Sullivan’s ruling. Porter would be required to be fitted with a GPS tracker, would be required to stay away from the victim’s home, work, and children’s school, and to have no contact or interaction with the victim.

A trial scheduling conference was set for May 24.

Porter, with no obvious family members in attendance, exited the courtroom, followed by a crush of reporters.

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