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LTE: Harper Steps Up as Write-In for Cemetery Commissioners

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To the Editor:

I am stepping forward as a write-in candidate for the Board of Commissioners for our cherished cemeteries on Monday May 20th for the 2 year seat being vacated by Thomas Pratt.

Gina Harper

Cemeteries hold profound significance in our lives, preserving the memories and legacies of our loved ones. As a write-in candidate, I am committed to upholding the sanctity and dignity of these sacred spaces. I bring to this role a blend of experience, passion, and dedication. With a background in end of life care and business ownership, I am well-equipped to address the challenges and opportunities facing our cemeteries.

My vision for our cemeteries centers on three fundamental principles: preservation, modernization, and inclusivity. We must preserve the historical and cultural significance of every grave and marker. Additionally, we must adopt modern practices to enhance efficiency and sustainability. Lastly, we must ensure that our cemeteries are inclusive, honoring the diverse backgrounds and beliefs of all who visit.

While I may not have the traditional campaign infrastructure, I bring passion, dedication, and a deep love for our community to this role. I believe in collaborative decision-making, listening to the needs of our residents, and working together towards a common vision.

Due to the late date I was unable to file as a traditional candidate, but I am submitting myself now as a write in candidate. I humbly ask for your support as a write-in candidate on Monday May 20th for the 2 year seat. Together, let’s ensure that our cemeteries remain a place of solace, remembrance, and beauty for generations to come.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Gina Harper, Hopkinton

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  1. Good luck Gina with your campaign. It’s nice to see young citizens getting involved in our town government.

    Thank you Tom for all your work.


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