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Letters of Endorsement: Adam Munroe for School Committee

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Foemmel Fine Homes

Dear Editor:

Adam and his wife Heather Bobeck Munroe (a lifelong resident of Hopkinton) have four children, one who will be entering Hopkinton High in the fall.

I met Adam when we served together on the Marathon Committee and he is also an elected member of our Board of Assessors. Adam is no stranger to volunteering. He worked in India for The India Institute for EMS, Habitat for Humanity in Viet Nam, Natural Disasters, Hurricane Katrina and 9/11 in New York.

Adam has obtained his Master’s Degree and is presently a PhD candidate doing research in Nursing Education. He joined the faculty of Mass Bay and was chair and director of the Associate Program. Adam is on the staff at Milford Hospital and a guest lecturer at Framingham State University. His varied employment has given him a background in administration, policy, budget preparation and collaboration. All of these skills will complement and assist the School Committee.

He is an advocate for Special Education. He believes in caring for the whole student both mentally and physically. He believes that education is the path forward, and anything he can do to enable youth to find that path is what he loves to do.

I urge you to vote May 15th for Adam Munroe for School Committee

Mary Jo LaFreniere

Foemmel Fine Homes

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