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Letter to the Select Board: RECC does not Make Sense

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Sent to the Select Board, with HopNews on copy:

Thank you for the two forums in the last couple of days and other information provided about the proposed regionalization of town emergency dispatch services.

I want to express my opinion that regionalization doesn’t make sense to me based upon the risk vs. reward as presented.

Fundamentally the potential benefits, on the balance scale of reason, are left high and dry against the immediate weakening of town infrastructure. I know dispatch isn’t as sexy as schools, but in reality it is significantly more important since it affects every community member be they resident, employee, or visitor. If our 911 equipment is outdated we should just fix it. I have voted for other overrides and I’ll vote for this if necessary.

I hate the idea that at some late hour of the night a resident or visitor visits the police station to find a “In case of emergency call…” sign on the door. This is not what safety is all about. I pay way too much in taxes to see safety eroded in such a way.

I certainly hope this proposal goes in front of the voters before a giant mistake is made.

Best Regards,

Dave Roberts, 29 Hayden Rowe Street

Sunnyside Gardens

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  1. As a fifty year resident of Hopkinton, I join Mr. Roberts and others who have expressed displeasure with this possible regionalization of emergency dispatch services.
    Taxes in this town should be able to support our own service. If it needs fixing, please do it, and retain our own dispatch service.


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