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Letter to the SB: This is a New Low

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Select Board:

I am not easily shocked, but I must say that this current BOS has hit a new low.  Someone needs to wake me up from this nightmare, because there is no way that any of this could be possible. I mean, there are laws and regulations that protect us – it just can’t be true!

Other than the original accusations being made, which are unconscionable, the Town has gone to great lengths to kick this poor victim in the gut.  Releasing her name, and privileged medical info was a great tactic to get back at Sgt. Timothy Brennan. He put his entire reputation and career on the line to protect this victim from any further exposure, but the Town’s leaders really showed us their true colors. Amy wanted to make sure that the message was heard loud and clear, so she made sure to post it again in case anyone missed the original notice.

And then the apology, or the lack of one originally, or the retraction, not immediately, but the one they made eventually.  What was their hurry? Everyone already knew who she (the victim) was, despite however many retractions were made.  I have a great idea: Why don’t you invite her to the Annual Town Meeting, have her come up on stage, and apologize in person, with your crocodile tears. Don’t forget to invite her kids for the photo opportunity. Maybe you can get her a segment with Anderson Cooper to expose her even more. You have already victimized her worse than anyone could ever imagine.

And let’s keep the hits rolling. You fired the only person that she had advocating for her! Will someone please wake me up!  How do you know that she is not (again) reflecting on the circumstances of her assault, and why she didn’t come forward sooner, or allow Sgt. Brennan to go forward? Did they really fire him because of me?  When does it end?

This Board has got to be the most out of touch in the history of this town.  You have ignored the citizens who have put their trust in you to represent them. You do not dictate what is good for us;  you are not above anyone. You have ignored the overwhelming number of comments and sentiment of an entire town.  You are using our hard-earned tax money to pursue your own vengeful vendetta against Sgt. Brennan. No more; it needs to stop now.  You have committed criminal acts, made us out to be fools, you have been deceitful, non-transparent, tried to keep us from hearing expert advice, and have been disgustingly pathetic in your consideration, or not, of the victim, and express no regret about any of it at all. 

In my own perfect world, the 80% of the BOS that thinks that they are smarter than all of us should be held personally responsible for the damages to the victim, and any damages caused by the wrongful termination of Sgt. Brennan.

This Board has lost any and all credibility that it ever had.  The overwhelming majority of the citizens have lost confidence in your ability to represent us and now is the time for deep reflection, for you to do the right thing, and to take a hint.  I personally wouldn’t trust you with any of the details of last years budget, let alone any upcoming issue this town needs to move forward.

Respectfully submitted,

Don Collins, Hopkinton

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  1. I have not read the released documents, but if as stated above her medical information was released, are we now tacking on HIPAA violations to Bennet and Ritterbusch? This situation is beyond comprehensible, yet Tim Brennan is without a job and a pension. Among other fine qualities Tim Brennan has is a clean conscious and a willing to help others, not tear them down, humiliate them or worse…torture them by sharing their most private, intimate information with the public.

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