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Letter to the Editor: Kramer endorses Stephenson

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Hopkinton Neighbors,

I am hoping to see you at the polls Monday May 15 from 7AM to 8PM, and I hope you join me in voting for Susan Stephenson for School Committee. As you may know Susan is new to town as a resident but has long been a fan of our beautiful community and has jumped in to find volunteer opportunities at the Senior Center and the Garden Club, and now hopes to serve on the School Committee. We will be so lucky to have her. Susan spent 36 years teaching MS and HS English at a top performing school in PA; she also has experience working with and for the Teacher’s Union. Susan has the experience we need as an educator to help work through the issues and will reliably center on the needs of the students first. I have come to know Susan to be smart, dedicated, invested, and collegial; with the tough issues we face regarding growth, budget pressures, and post pandemic achievement and stress concerns she has the steady demeanor, the professional experience, and the time to really make a positive impact as a member of the School Committee.

I have also had the pleasure of getting to know Susan a bit personally; she is kind, funny, and truly very bright. She will bring a very welcome voice, her humor, and her collegiality to a School Committee that is already working well for Hopkinton. Like others on the Committee, she will do the work and she will speak with an independent voice to ensure our students remain the priority in all the decisions.

Thank you so much for your consideration, and please vote for Susan on Monday May 15th at the Middle School. See you at the polls.

Muriel Kramer serves on the Hopkinton Select Board.

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  1. With all due respect, your endorsement is bland and weak. Your candidate is essentially a stranger to this town. I’d rather have someone with whom I disagree completely on the political spectrum but who shares a local understanding and passion for the school and community. Your candidate is incapable of either. A vote for anyone else is a far better vote.

  2. No thanks. The only strong, reputable candidate is Ashley. I vote for people that are relatable. A retiree who recently moved to town with corrupt PA union ties is FAR from what Hopkinton needs. More importantly, far from what our students need! It’s telling that Muriel always endorses the hardcore Dems rather than the candidate best for the role. Literally ALWAYS. So again, no thanks. Vote for Ashley MONDAY, May 15.

    • You relate to somebody who has bullied people behind closed doors and has made racially-based comments about students in our district?

  3. I am supporting Susan Stephenson. She brings knowledge and a fresh perspective. It is valuable to have a person that hasn’t had issues with the schools or emotional baggage. Susan offers a clean slate on the School committee without a personal agenda.

  4. Hopkinton neighbors, I know that many of us will feel compelled to vote with our party tomorrow but I just can’t vote for Susan Stephenson. While Susan seems like a nice person, I am not convinced that she is the right candidate for the school committee role. New to town, no ties to the community, no ties to the schools. I was on the fence and went back and re-watched some of the “debates” this weekend and we need someone with closer ties to our students and teachers; someone in the the thick of it with a vested interest in the success our students and our school system.

  5. Tomorrow I plan to vote for Susan Stephenson and Adam Munroe for school committee. Their CVs showcase vested careers in academia and leadership. They have professional maturity that is critically needed. There are fiscal challenges with population growth, excellent schools need proper managers. My votes are going to Stephenson and Munroe


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